Saturday, March 30, 2013

[Pix] Hyun Joong at Incheon Airport 03.29.13

Here are photos of Hyun Joong taken at Incheon Airport when he arrived yesterday from Japan.  These photos are awesome.  Much thanks to the shutterbugs for sharing.

First set is from Pluto0606 of Hyuniversal.  Thanks to @Hyuniversal0606 for tweeting the links.

Following is from mijya0909 that I lifted from Baidu.

[Vids] Young Saeng in Music Champion Interview & Music Bank Perf

From Music Champion last 27th of March, I am shoving here the video with English subs of Young Saeng's interview, much thanks to shirbogurl5 for the video.

Young Saeng is really full of cuteness.  He just makes me smile.

In yesterday's Music Bank, Young Saeng was back for another stage of 'Art of Seduction'.  Here is video courtesy of shirbogurl5 that I lifted from her YouTube channel. Thank you!

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[Vid] Hyun Joong Back in S Korea 03.29.13

Hyun Joong is back in Korea yesterday from Japan and as always welcomed by fans at Incheon Airport.

In the video you could see that Hyun Joong is already very accommodating getting gifts and letter to fans.  But there is this one fan who touch him his wrist.  I hope that fans will not do this to any of their idols.  It's a no no especially when one is already being very accommodating.

Thanks to 현중만 바라봐 for sharing the video on her YouTube channel.

Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip!

Friday, March 29, 2013

[Pix] Young Saeng, Jung Min & Hyung Jun in Newsen Anniversary

On the 28th of March at 6:30pm in Banyan Tree Club & Seoul Spa in JangChung-dong, Seoul members of SS501 Young Saeng, Jung Min and Hyung Jun attended the celebration party of the 8th founding anniversary of Newsen as well as the launch of jewelry brand Didier Dubbo DIDIER DUBOT.H

Here are media photos of Young Saeng, Jung Min and Hyung Jun from the event that was attended by many fashion designers as well as stars including Lee Byung Hun, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Shin Min Ah, SNSD, Super Junior, Beast, SHINee and more.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

[Pix] Hyun Joong in Okinawa by MurdererQ

I am shoving here photos of Hyun Joong from the The Fifth Okinawa International Film Festival that was held in Okinawa, Japan where Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong looks absolutely dashing in suit.  

Loads of thanks to MurdererQ for another great captures of Hyun Joong shared on

Please DO NOT edit MurdererQ's photos and kindly give proper credit when re-posting.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Pix] Hyun Joong at Hiroshima Airport by MurdererQ 03.26.13

After ending the last leg of his 'Unlimited' Japan Tour 2013, Hyun Joong left Hiroshima today and fans went to see him off.

Here are awesome photos taken by shutterbug MurdererQ shared on her Photobucket account. 

Please DO NOT edit the photos of MurdererQ and kindly credit properly when re-posting.

Hyun Joong Ended 'Unlimited' Japan Tour in Tears

The last leg of Hyun Joong's 'Unlimited' Japan Tour was in Hiroshima and he was emotional as the concert ended.

In an article that I read, Hyun Joong fought back tears at first while thanking everyone in the audience and fans continue cheering for him. But the overflowing emotion cannot be contained as he started crying and was already unable to speak.

Below is videos of Hyun Joong lifted from the YouTube channel of Hollis Hyun. The first video the thank you video where he's in tears.

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[Article] Young Saeng's Confession on 'Shim Shim Ta Pa'

Interesting article! 

Much thanks to kelemama and xiaochu for the translation shared on Quainte501 and SGNoonas

Hmm, I sure many are already wondering who could be the lady that Young Saeng dated. 


[News] Heo Young Saeng "Dated a celebrity 2 years older", frank confession on "Shim Shim Ta Pa"

Credits: + (English Translation) kelemama + xiaochu @ &


Singer Heo Young Saeng (from group SS501) attended a radio program, confessed that he dated a celebrity 2 years older than him.

Heo Young Saeng, together with singer G.NA, attended to "Star's Dignity", a section off MBC program "Shindong's Shim Shim Ta Pa" which aired on 24th (Mar) 12:05am. DJ Shindong exposed Heo YoungSaeng by saying "I talked a lot with Heo Young Saeng through playing games, during (online) chatting he can talk so much that I was so shocked" and "He became a warrior in front of the keyboard", (Heo Young Saeng) was embarrassed by it and replied "I'll talk a lot when I get excited", and the program started with burst of laughter with his reply.

With regards to his recent comeback with new song "The Art of Seduction", Shindong asked "Having your comeback on White Day, did you prepare any special event for your fans?" "The comeback itself is the event (for them)." (Heo Young Saeng) replied showing tremendous confidence.

Heo Young Saeng continued "The first time when I heard this song, it's not to my liking because it sounded frivolous" and "Because I was an idol, so I wanted to display a handsome or a mature feeling, but (company's) representative personally appointed this song." sharing his feelings and a small episode during which when he first leant of that song. But he added "Having continuously listening to the song during the preparation time, I got hooked onto it, there's a lot of joy on the stage so this is great."

Shindong asked "When one experiences parting, there are alot of external changes, so is that why (your music) has changed?" and Heo Young Saeng replied "(It's been a while) I am not in any relationship so I'm feeling lonely".

Continuing the topic on relationship, Heo Young Saeng revealed "I've dated someone older before" and "She was 2 years older, but was like a dongsaeng (younger sister)". Shindong continued to interrogate "Is she a celebrity? Please reply yes or no." "Yes, she is a celebrity" he confessed. Heo Young Saeng continued "It's not easy to be with someone older. Women wants to depend on men, although she wants to depend on him, but because he is younger, she will be at a loss." and "Man should be the one taking the lead, but at the thought that she is an elder sister, naturally just can't do it."

Shindong asked "Are you bad boy style within?" and (Heo Young Saeng) replied "I have not been in a relationship for a long time, so it seems like I will be a great guy who will put in everything if I were to get into a relationship now."

Meanwhile 'Shindong's Shim Shim Ta Pa" (PD Son HanSeo) airs every night 12mn on MBC Standard FM (95.9Mhz), section "Star's Dignity" for stars' comeback or rookies airs on every Saturday.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

[Vid] Jung Min in Tokyo ZEPP 03.23.2013

Shoving here video of Jung Min's performance in Tokyo yesterday, 23rd of March as part of his ZEPP tour. 

In this video, Jung Min is singing SS501 medley.  Much thanks to @yangyang0402 for the tip on Twitter and to hinata izumiya for uploading the video on YouTube.

[Vids & Pics] Hyun Joong Zipping Off to Japan 03.23.2013

Hyun Joong left for Hiroshima, Japan yesterday and fans saw him off at Incheon International Airport.

Here are photos from Hyuniversal care of shutterbug Pluto of the good looking Hyun Joong

Following videos were lifted from YouTube. Please DO NOT edit and/or re-upload videos in any streaming sites including YouTube.

First video is courtesy of  HollisHyun

Up next is from KingHyunjoong

Last video is from onlyleader HJ

Saturday, March 23, 2013

[Vid] Various 'Art of Seduction' Performance of Young Saeng

From Thursday to Friday, here are various 'Art of Seduction' stages of Young Saeng.

Much much thanks to the uploaders on YouTube.  Please DO NOT edit and/or re-upload videos in any streaming sites including YouTube.

First off is last Thursday performance in M! Countdown.  Heaps of thanks to ShirboGurL6 for the upload.

Today's MTV The Show performance of Young Saeng is up next. Thanks to IngatanVersiHD for sharing on YouTube.

Last is Young Saeng performance in today's Music Bank which again i lifted from the YouTube channel of IngatanVersiHD

[Article] Hyung Jun to Appear in MBC Drama on April

Weeee, good news and Hyung Jun  is really doing well slowly but surely. 

Much thanks to pkdance of AllKPop for sharing this news. 


[News] Kim Hyung Jun cast in the new drama ‘Gold, Appear!’
by pkdance / AllKPop

Fans will be seeing SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun on their television screens soon again. The idol star has been cast in the upcoming MBC drama ‘Gold, Appear!‘ (‘I Summon You, Gold!‘).

Kim Hyung Jun will play the role of Han Ji Hye‘s younger brother Mong Gyu, an unemployed post grad with cute charms and a carefree attitude.

Also starring in the drama are Yeon Jung Hoon, Lee Soo Kyung, and Lee Tae Sung. Son Dam Bi is also in talks to star in the upcoming drama.

Stay tuned for the premiere of ‘Gold, Appear!’ on April 6th!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

[Vids] Young Saeng in Music Champion 03.20.13

Yesterday Young Saeng was in Music Champion where he showcased 'The Art of Seduction'.  He was also interviewed in the said show.

Here is Young Saeng's performance as well as subbed interview that I lifted from shirbogurl5 YouTube channel.  Thanks much!

He's so cute like a button. ^_^

Overload of Young Saeng Cuteness

Heaps of thanks to shirbogurl5 for sending the link to her YouTube channel where we can see an abundance of Young Saeng's cuteness.

Check this video out and see what I am talking about.

Monday, March 18, 2013

[FanCams] Young Saeng's Various Fan Signing Events

On this page, I will be shoving various fan signing events of Young Saeng for his mini album LIFE  that took place over the weekend..

Following videos were lifted from the YouTube channel of yssilver1103 for 허영생 팬사이트 마들렌 Heo Young Saeng Fansite Madeleine

Please DO NOT edit and re-upload the following videos in any other streaming sites including Youtube.

At Gimpo

At Incheon Airport

Below is March 17 fan singing activity at YBD

[Vids] Young Saeng Weekend Comeback

Since I was not able to blog since Friday, I am going to post here comeback of Young Saeng in music shows that I failed to post over the weekend.

Much much thanks to everyone who shared tips via email and on the sidebar. I really really appreciate them.

Here are Young Saeng's stage comeback from different music shows performing with so much cuteness 'Art of Seduction'.

Here is March 15th stage in Music Bank lifted from the YouTube channel of KpopStreamKBS

Shoving here March 16th performance in Music Core.  Video is lifted from the YouTube channel of KMusicLiveMBC·.

And last is March 17th  comeback in Inkigayo. Thanks to shirbogurl5 for posting on her YouTube channel.

[Vids] Hyung Jun at “SPD CHARITY SHOW 2013”

Been MIA for days as I was busy. It's the time of the year where work and fun is the same month. ^^

Anyway, this is already late but again will still blog about it.  

Hyung Jun was in Singapore on the 16th of March to attend the “SPD CHARITY SHOW 2013” at MediaCorp TV Theatre yesterday, 17th of March.

Hyung Jun performed two song, 'Sorry I'm Sorry' and 'Just Let Go'. In the two performances he did, donation poured in which totaled to SG$100,000

The big scale charity show's aim is to raise funds for disabled people and Singapore.  Other artists in the show includes Thai MC and dj Pornsak, Taiwanese MC Micky Huang, Hong Kong actress Louise Lee and a blind Korean pianist Yoo Ye Eun who is 9 years old.

 Here are fancams of Hyung Jun's guesting in SPD Charity Show 2013 that I lifted from youngstars710. Much much thanks to @blancbelle for the tips!

This one is courtesy of binzng.

After the show, Hyung Jun flew back to Korea.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

[Pix] Jung Min's Pictorial for Sports Donga 101104

Jung Min's latest photos, whoa! Thanks Marvie for shoving here.

The article in Sports Donga is the same articles as the one I posted HERE just in case you haven't read it yet. ^^ It talks about Jung Min's upcoming comeback with the release of his mini album on the 25th of November and the fan meeting scheduled on the 27th of November as well in Seoul.

Credit : sports donga

Thursday, March 14, 2013

[MV] Young Saeng's The Art of Seduction

The music video is out and I am late. ^_^

Young Saeng's 'The Art of Seduction' from his LIFE mini album is full of cuteness. Compared to Young Saeng's previous songs, this one is more upbeat and the music video as well as the images from the mini album is more colorful.

Check out the carrier single of Young Saeng's LIFE album 'The Art of Seduction' which has a catchy lyrics and beat.

Please DO NOT download and upload video in any other streaming sites including YouTube.  Watch it only on B2M's official YouTube channel and LIKE it if you may.

And I am shoving here few more images from the album. Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Teaser Photos of Young Saeng's LIFE Album

On Thursday, 14th of March, Young Saeng will be releasing his 2nd mini album LIFE. Two days before the release of the album, B2M revealed the teaser pix through B2M's official Twitter.

Following photos will show you colorful Young Saeng which we can interpret as color life as the title of his mini album says.

Here are teaser photos that were titled ORANGE, BLACK & WHITE, YELLOW, RED  & BLUE.