Friday, October 31, 2008

so ji sub to release another single

I just read this news about ji sub...

In August of this year, So Ji Sub as rapper 'G' released his single 'A Lonely Life'. This really came as a surprise to everyone. It was said that he recorded this in secrecy.

This coming November, birth month of Ji Sub, as a surprise gift for his fans, he will be releasing another song, entitled 'Foolish Love' on his birthday, which falls on 4 November.

'Foolish Love' is a hip-hop style song with its distinct style featuring harmonica tune, fuses the majestic melody that can be found in drama OST. 'Foolish Life' as well as 'A Lonely Life' were written and produced by songwriter J@TRAX.

To hear Ji Sub rap in 'A Lonely Life' click here.

Btw, So Jisub, will be receiving the Best Actor award at the 28th Korean Film Critics’ Society Award for the movie 'Rough Cut' to be held on 5 Nov 08. Congratulations Ji Sub! ^^

Yong Joon & Park Sang Woo

today oct 31, yong joon attended the opening of park sang woo [yon garyeo in twssg] photo exhibit.

photo lifted from byjgallery

and here's a short story of the sighting posted and translated by lynnzhoulily/lynn on byj thread @ soompi

Came Across BYJ on Park Sang Woo's photo exhibit (10.31.08)
Posted by 모리스 on KOB
Korean to Chinese by Wonchun/baidu
Chinese to English by lynn

Under the invitation from my sister, I attended the photo exhibition of Professor Park Sang Woo.

To Me, to see Professor Park himself is more important than to see his pictures.

Wait... who's that?!! It's BAE... YONG... JOON!!

Maybe It was still early, when I entered into the exhibit hall, Professor Park was receiving an interview.

BAE YONG JOON was waiting for him as well. Not long after, Professor Park came.

Professor Park and BYJ talked with us for a while and we had tea together.

Professor Park and BYJ are both very charmful. I am totally got attracted. hehe...

It's really a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chrome Hearts

every wonder what style of chrome heart eyewear yong joon wore last october 18 at the cultural awards? ever resourceful free shared this photos on byjfan. thanks so much free!

the black rimmed Chrome Hearts clear glasses that he wore is called Filled.

while the dark Chrome Hearts sunglasses is called Rodeo.

New Photo : From The Face Shop?

found these photos on byjgallery posted by 권오경. according to her title she found the photo on the catalogue of E-Mart.

No Yong Joon at the KDF

thanks to tomato99 for sharing this on BYJ's Quilt.

JOB Notice : Bae Yong Joon’s participation to “2008 Korea Drama Festival”
name: administrator
date: 2008/10/30 10:28:00

Greetings dear family,

We would like to give information about Bae Yong Joon’s participation to
“2008 Korea Drama Festival” as we have been receiving many inquiries from family.

As of now, Bae Yong Joon has other engagements and is not available to join the event.
We sincerely request that everyone will not be confused with the issue.

We appreciate for all of your concern and support.
The season is getting cooler. Please stay well and healthy.

BOF International

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yong Joon @ 2008 Korea Drama Festival?

not sure if i'm going to be excited about what i read tonight. it's about the korea drama festival 2008 on nov 1-5. in the article that i read, it says their that yong joon will be getting an award. the award is called 'Special Award for Outstanding Service to Hallyu'. if my understanding is correct it'll be given on nov 1. i think the organizer is still getting confirmation from KeyEast if yong joon can attend the event.

hope we get the translation of the article later as well as the confirmation [hee, but honestly i've a feeling that he won't be attending]

p.s. yong joon is not amongst the nominees for best actor that include kim myung min, kim rae won. though TWSSG is nominated for best drama.

p.p.s. i got this list of nominees at soompi. it looks like that he's nominated for the grand prize award and TWSSG for production award. hmm...

Kim Hye-Ja (Mom's Dead Upset) 995명(1%) <5#>
Choi Soo-Jong (Dae Jo Young) 1,090명(1%) <4#>
Bae Jong-Ok (Heavenly Beauty Park Jung-Geum) 485명(1%) <10#>
Jo Jae-Hyun (New Heart) 465명(1%) <11#>
Kim Hye-Seon (First Wives Club) 970명(1%) <6#>
Kim Myung-Min (Beethoven Virus) 32,040명(39%) <2#>
Kim Ji-Soo (Woman Of The Sun) 490명(1%) <9#>
Lee Bum-Soo (On Air) 2,670명(3%) <3#>
Lee Joon-Ki (Iljimae) 36,290명(44%) <1#>
Kim Ha-Neul (On Air) 560명(1%) <8#>
Bae Yong-Joon (Legend) 700명(1%) <7#>

Likable Or Not
Mom's Dead Upset
Golden Bride
Hong Gil Dong
New Heart
Yi San
Dae Jo Young
The Legend

[News] Keyeast makes profit in 3rd quarter

congratulations to KeyEast!

[KEYEAST] Keyeast makes profit in 3rd quarter

The Asian media and content company Keyeast Co., Ltd. ( has officially announced that it has earned its first quarterly profits since its establishment. Its third quarter sales figure was 912,000,000 Korean Won and the net income totaled 601,000,000 Korean Won, which represents an 88.3% increase in net income as compared with the corresponding July to September period of last year.

One of the main factors behind Keyeast Co., Ltd.'s profitable quarter is the equity method accounting of the business profits of Keyeast Co., Ltd.'s subsidiary, BOF International Inc. Keyeast Co., Ltd. holds 62% of the shares of BOF International Inc.

A member of Keyeast Co., Ltd. stated that "the purpose of establishing a subsidiary in Japan was to set up a profitable bridgehead in a foreign market and that this objective has been achieved." He also stated that "BOF International Inc. and Keyeast Co., Ltd. significantly contributed to the Asian wave." In addition, he said that "during this current global financial crisis, the sales of Keyeast Co., Ltd. have been positively affected by the gains on foreign exchange obtained through BOF International Inc. and that these gains will likely continue for the time being."


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BYJ's latest camera

Yong Joon is currently using Hasselblad camera. i love it but the price is too much for me and of course our man only uses the top of the line.

here's the specs of Hasselbland H3DII series courtesy of tomato99.

Monday, October 27, 2008

[Article] Keyeast enters into strategic alliance with Hyundai Yachts Co. Ltd.

this is the more accurate news that i've posted earlier regarding keyeast venturing into anaother business.

Keyeast Co., Ltd. enters into strategic alliance with Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd.

source : KeyEast website

The Asian media/contents company Keyeast Co., Ltd. ( announced on October 20 that it entered into a strategic alliance with leisure yacht manufacturer Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd. for the “stimulation of the marine leisure sports and yacht business.”

Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd. is the leading leisure yacht manufacturer of the domestic yacht industry. With the recent interest shown by the people of Korea in the marine leisure industry as the background, Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd. has formed business alliances with the leading yacht designers and technology enterprises from Australia and New Zealand.

Keyeast Co., Ltd., whose largest shareholder is the main actor of the Korean Wave, Bae Yong Joon, and Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd., which is the leading domestic leisure yacht manufacturer, will utilize their strengths for this new alliance. Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd. will be in charge of manufacturing and supplying yachts and related equipment, while Keyeast Co., Ltd. will be in charge of marketing and sales.

A member of Keyeast Co., Ltd. stated that “we are expecting the names and images of actors and actresses, who are influential in Asia, and the brand power of Keyeast Co., Ltd. itself, which is a recognized brand outside of Korea too, to have a positive impact on the domestic and foreign marketing and export activities of Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd.” In addition, the member of Keyeast Co., Ltd. said that “Keyeast Co., Ltd. will increase the value of its brand through other brand licensing projects,” and that “we are currently preparing plans for other long-term sources of profits.”


Yong Joon at the mountain

i read this last night on KOB and byjgallelry and mariko made a brief translation on byj thread at soompi. i think that this trip is part of the book that yong joon is doing. i'm glad to know that while working on it he's able to do what he loves to do that is fishing and cooking what he caught.

anyway, here's the complete translation of suehan which she posted on BYJ's Quilt. Again, thanks so much dear suehan!

[Trans and Reposted]I heard that BYJ is in Wido now

Suehan wrote :

I found two postings on the internet regarding YJ’s recent trip to Wido
(Wi Island); one from a non-fan and the other one from the home
page of the lodge, Geugosegamyeon (It means, ¡°If you go there¡±)
where he stayed. Please enjoy.


[I heard that BYJ is in Wido now.]
08.10.25 17:16

I heard that it has been three days since he came with the staff of his
management company and 3 coordinators. It’s said that he was enjoying
his vacation hiking, mountain climbing, and experiencing the activities of the sea.

I heard that he wore a scarf and didn’t show his face.
It’s said that he didn’t give autographs or allow anyone to take pictures of him
even at the lodge.
Anyhow, the fact that the celebrities were visiting Wido was a good sign.



[Hallyu star, Bae Yong Joon stayed at my pIace]
08-10-26 18:13

Hi, everyone;

Hallyu Star, Bae Yong Joon stayed for 3D2N at my pIace, Geugosegamyeon.
He went hiking, mountain climbing, and experienced activities of the sea,
and promised to come back.

I was honored to serve such a famous person.
We couldn’t take group pictures because of the copyright issues,
but I was honored to serve him.
Thank you, Bae Yong Joon ssi and your staff.


More from Cultural Awards

i got this set of photos on byjgallery.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

'Drops of God' Relationship Map & Character Description

here's a very interesting scanned article from a japanese magazine. i will give the details of the characters later.

[SCAN]Hallyu Fan (韓流ファン) vol. 7
Source BYJ Gallery by arayo
taken from xiaoyi's blog
translation : mariko/soompi

Character Description [from left to right]

Mr. Roper >> Former best friend of Kanzaki Nodaka, father of Shizuku. He is homeless living in a box at a park while he has more than 10 million dollars. He will be the adviser of both brothers. He’s also a wine expert.

Kanzaki Nodaka >> Father of Shizuku. His has more than 20 million dollars asset and a wine collector.

Issei Tomine >> Is a gifted wine critic and he aims at collecting wines. He was adopted by his father before his father passes away. Together with Shizuku they received a challenge and will confront each other. His knowledge in wine is abundant. Not only is his expression excellent but also concentrated to put his life into his passion of wine.

Kanzaki Shizuku >> Is a beer salesman of Taiyo Beer. He was transferred to the newly established wine division. Though he has inherited his father's gift of wine since childhood, he opposed his great father and gets a job in the beer company. He has shown rich sensitivity and expression with the extraordinary sense of smell which was inherited from his father though he has not much knowledge about it.

Sera >> Half sister of Tomine from his father’s side. A beer commercial model at Taiyo Beer Company. She also a gifted wined taster.

Roran >> Partner of Tomine. She has a special relationship with him. Her mother is Japanese.

Miyabi >> She’s still studying to become a sommelier but she seems not to pass the examination for sommelier. He met Shizuku in a restaurant. She is employed at Taiyo beer.

Other Characters

Saionji Maki >> Is the President of Saion Training company. She is Roran’s sister

Kiri Suzuko >> Is the lawyer of Tomine who manages Tomine's wine collection.

Fujii Shirou >> Is a Sommelier at Wine Bar Mono Ball. Adviser of Shizuku.

Honma Chosuke >> He will help Shizuku. He loves italian wine. He's working with Shizuku in the same division.

note : we're not sure of some of the names since the chinese characters are hard to translate.

mgr yang and so ji sub in beijing

yup they arrived yesterday for the shooting of so ji sub's upcoming drama 'cain and abel'.

if there is anyone know where they are staying in or shooting in beijng please post it here. fans of so ji sub are begging for information.

pix by sj-m fans
posted by lm8206/sjs soompi
credit :Baidu

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Face Shop Poster

The first photo of Yong Joon for The Face Shop is out!

thanks to dolce for sharing on byjgallery
original source byjtoronto

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look! Up in the sky...'s Bae Yong Joon.

you see him? i can certainly see him. ^^

posted by 가을여자 on kob

[Photo] Yong Joon in sleeveless shirt

nothing much on any of the byj sites and i don't think we'll get to see him again soon after the wonderful week last week. ^^

meanwhile, here's something from azuna which she posted on byjgallery. this photo is actually news just forgot when it was released.

click here to view a much bigger version.

[Article] Key East Advance to Sailing and recreation business

isn't this amazing? will they have yong joon as their model? i wonder what trigger this business. this is way off in their line of business which is restaurant and entertainment business.

Key East Advance to Sailing and recreation business

Original in Japanese
Japanese from Chinese by Snow/
reposted by wlbyj/Baidu
Chinese to English by Lynn [thanks so much lynn!]

Key East has signed a contract with "Modern Sailing",a company manufactures sailing boats on Oct. 20, 2008.

The content of the contract is: Both two parties utilize their own strengths to collaborate in the business of entertainment at Sea. "Modern Sailing" is in charge of the manufacture of those sailing boats and facilities whereas KeyEast is in charge of its marketing.

Key East:" We have some well-known artists like BYJ, SJS and LNY. with whose influence, we expect a good market in both domestic and overseas and which will also be good to the export business. We are looking forward to it."

"Modern Sailing" has businesses with some other extraodinary Sailing boat design and manufacture enterprises in Australia and New Zealand. In the meanwhile, "Modern Sailing" itself is a pioneer in the sailing and recreation business.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[Photos] More from the Cultural Awards

I thought i had posted every photos related to the the Cultural Awards that yong joon attended last Saturday. I was wrong. When i woke up this morning there were about 2 sets. When I got home there were about 3 more sets. Huh?!

Here they are, though i won't be posting anymore the 2 sets that of photos from AFP BB News and another media portal since they're almost the same as the others.

Many thanks to style for sharing these on byjgallery.

from this blog
posted by style/byjgallery

Check the lucky fan's hand!

shared by Jessica/ posted by style on byjgallery

I believe that these are all koreans from the province of Cheongju where the
awarding took place. I can see different kinds of people waiting for Yong Joon.

sankei digital
posted by style/byjgallery

This is my favorite!

And this one too! He's holding her hand!!!

[Photo] Yong Joon with the bride and groom

Yong Joon posing with the bride and the groom at the dressing room [or reception room?] of Daemyung Resort where the ceremony will was held last October 18.

When I saw this I remember the time when he also dropped by at the wedding of Yon Tae Young, another co-star in TWSSG. The only difference is that, at YTY wedding, he used the backdoor, while the wedding of PSW and SEJ, he used the front entrance.

Thanks to suehan for sharing this on BYJ's Quilt which was shared by Moris on KOB.

to view more the pictures from the wedding click here.

[Photos] Fans Visited Hahoe Maeul Village

many thanks to style for posting these set of photos and for laki for sharing. ^^

photos shared by style on byjgallery
photos were taken by laki

Yong Joon was said to have visited Hahoe Maeul Village on Oct 1. The visit was reported by
Josei Jishin issue dated 2008/10/28 and even blogged by Mgr Yang.

According to the article of Josei Jishin
[translated by a sweet sister posted on bb's blog]

“Hahoe Maeul village is a folk village
where many traditional buildings that were built during the Goguryeo era still remain.
It is located about three hours from Seoul via auto
and it is a village where elements of Confucianism
and the yangbang (royalty) Korean culture are intertwined.”
(travel writer)

As per Mrg. Yang ~
[translated by bb's blog]

Just some days ago, BYJ had gone on a 2D1N trip to Gyeongbuk and Andong with the staff in preparation for the book, Beauty of Korea.

The following day, according to the article ~
“He toured the soybean maker from the morning.
The area is a producer of good quality soybeans
used in soybean paste and soy sauce.
He listened with serious gazes to the staff as they gave their explanations.”
(staff member of Hahoe Mauel)

Two weeks after Yong Joon was appointed Ambassador of Visiting Korea for 2010 - 2012, and after words that he went to the village, it seems that fans are already visiting the small village. ^^ Amazing don't you think? The power of Bae Yong Joon.

Geez, I want to visit this place too.

style also posted this photos. not really sure who they are but they sure are lucky to have a photo with yong joon. i'm assuming too that this photo is displayed in the room where yong joon stayed. ^^