Monday, January 22, 2007

Se7en at Hallyu Expo Asia in Jeju

I just read that Se7en had a great concert in Jeju over the weekend. He even had a handprinting ceremony which Yong Joon wasn’t able to do.

Here are some photos of Se7en in Jeju.

Some of Se7en's fans with their camera and "7" light ^^

His performance was called ‘SE7EN, Se7olution in the world’ singing his hit songs, ‘Passion’,’I’ll do well’ , ‘Lalala’, ‘Come back’ , ‘Style’, ‘Last of Diary’, and a Japanese hit.

Here's hoping the the visit of other hallyu stars will also be a success until the closing in March.

Monday, January 15, 2007

back to blogging ^^

geez, been too busy and lazy to blog for the past weeks. though i tried composing and in fact there were some unposted entries, i deleted them just now since i don't think i made any sense in those posts ^^

what's keeping me busy and lazy to blog? well, i'm conitnuing the scrapbook which i started last year, watching the k-dramas which i bought and just kept in my cabinet. i have 5 which i have not watch yet since buying (marrying a millionaire, what's up fox, a rosy life and 2 more which i forgot the title). just last week, getting updates, downloading and watching Goong S (i love Se7ev and lee heo jae...they're a cute pair!) and of course every monday and tuesday, i log out at 11:40pm to watch at KBS "First Love". I like FL and will give my thought about it next time even if it is still broadcasting.

anyway, one good excuse that made me blog today are these photo which i got from KOB. these were posted and scanned by miemi.

here they are ~

yong joon looks kinda feminine in the first photo, noh? whatever...i still love the guy! and look at the hair, so beautiful and healthy ^^ hey and that smile...ahhh love it!


Monday, January 01, 2007

have a great and blissful new year

Haven't posted anything for some time. I've been too lazy to blog and there had been too much work lately at home and at the office.

It's the 1st day of 2007 and I just suddenly remember God's gifts to me in people like you [yes you my blog visitors and yong joon], so on wings of prayers, I whispered my thanks to Him and asked Him to bless you.

Have a great and blissful new year everyone! ^^