Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[Vid] Young Saeng's Interview with MNet America

Thanks to veggiedelight for emailing the link.

Young Saeng had an interview with Jjang of Mnet America. This interview is still related to his new album LIFE.

The nine minutes interview of Jjang with Young Saeng is cute. Young Saeng talked about his 'Art of Seduction' video including girls he likes lately.

Among the girl band he mentioned Girls Day and Rainbow. He also mentioned G.Na. With so many girls in mind Jjang called Young Saeng King of Euija who had 3,000 women in his court. ^^


Anonymous said...

saengie such a bad bod...likes too many girl...naughty2;p

Anonymous said...

*bad boy

Anonymous said...

well that's not a suprise~ LOL XD
he is our professor heo btw.. keke ^^

Ling said...

hey, how about Song Hye Ko? Did he change his mindset already?

Anonymous said...

He is just too cute and lovely^^ Love you Saengie!