Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Hyun Joong Speeding Off Without his Pants ^_^

In the recent episode of SBS Barefoot Friends, Hyun Joog had a wardrobe malfunction during a swimming race. The incident happened in front of several elementary school students during a swimming relay in the said show.

During the race, when it was Hyun Joong's turn to swim, as he speed off to swim his pants started to slip off his waist down to legs showing off his black underwear! Hyun Joong however continued to swim until he reached the finish line embarrassed.

To watch the full episode of 'Barefoot Youth' check the videos below.

Btw, thanks to everyone emailing and asking how am I. I am doing good, busy with work and a bit of play. ^^ I am also back after two day of stuffy nose and slight fever. I will try my best to give updates as much as I can.


Anonymous said...

Hj is just awesome in all he is doing! BFF super show!!

Anonymous said...

It's so funny.
HJ is cutest man in the world.
Love and support him.

Anonymous said...

In this show he doesn't have any makeup and still he looks very handsome and his skin is so pretty. What a natural beauty. Love see him in this show. Our boy is so hard-worked and cute always!!!!! <3 <3 <3