Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hyun Joong for High Cut

In the latest issh of High Cut magazine, Kim Hyun Joong is seen showing off his skills in swimming in the hot and humid summer weather. 

In the magazine, Hyun Joong said that at a young age he fears water especially when he saw the movie Jaws.  But that fear did not stopped him from earning six scuba diving licenses.

In the interview he also revealed that he wants to have his own scuba shop and own a cabin in Jeju.  Likewise he said he wants to gather scuba divers who would clean the ocean.  According to Hyun Joong, the ocean is beautiful is beautiful from the outside but at the bottom of the ocean it needs cleaning. 

With regard to SS501's future, he mentioned that it is not easy for now to get together.

In another news that I read, when Hyun Joong appeared as guest in SBS 'Incarnation' he revealed the Key East CEO, Bae Yong Joon is the king of cellphone games.  He said that Yong Joon is always on top of the ranking and that he thinks that he has special talent playing Anipang.


Anonymous said...

This boy is becoming hotter than ever! For someone who used to be fearful of the sea, he now has 6 scuba-diving certs?!! Simply amazing ~ Can't help but to love & admire him more.

Uzinso said...

HJ is handsome in any angles and good athlete.
Love him more and more.