Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bits and Pieces from MY Story YS First Solo Concert

Young Saeng will be entering the military soon and before doing so, he said in an interview at the presscon before MY Story YS First Solo Concert that, "The concert is his gift to the fans before entering army".  He also mentioned that,  he prepared a lot for the concert and he will give the best gift to fans who came.

True to his words, Young Saeng offered a lot to the fans by singing, dancing and giving cute fan service to everyone present. 

I have shared on Twitter blow by blow account of what is happening at the venue.  Heaps of thanks to @shirbo21 for most of the live updates.  Thanks as well to @alisongan1103 @reena2_9 and all the TripleS whom I have re-tweeted their tweets to share to my followers.

Now, here are the songs that Young Saeng sang as well as bits and pieces from the concert particularly when members of SS501 came out to sing and greet Young Saeng.

These are the songs from the first set: Let It Go, Crying, Maria, Immediately and Out the Club

After five songs, there was a vid of Young Saeng interviewing himself.

On to the next set of song  Young Saeng sang Art of Seduction and 알아다 I know.

A video of SS501 was played with  Forever as the background music. Things are getting exciting as those in the venue and following the live updates are anticipating the coming out on stage of SS501 members.

Then, Love Ya was played in which Young Saeng performed.He then performed Thank You which is a song of Hyun Joong then the man himself came out!Afterwhich  Hyun Joong performed Your Story and Gentleman alone.

As Hyun Joong left, Young Saeng sang U R Man, followed by Because I'm Stupid with no less than  Hyung Jun and Jung Min. Kyu Jong did not go out since he is still in active military service.

Then Young Saeng, Hyun Joong, Jung Min and Hyung Jun all sand Green Peas.  But fans could hear Kyu Jong singing along with them from the backstage.

To cap all members stage, SS501 sang In the Still of the Night in  acapella.  The song they sang in their first concert.

As an ending, SS501 with Kyu Jong on stage said "We Are SS501"

Young Saeng continued with his solo concert singing Weak Child and Snow Prince.

Before the concert ended, dancers brought out cake for Young Saeng to blow.  He thanks fans and read the he is in a brink of crying.

To end the concert, Young Saeng sang Hello Mello with Kyu Jong dancing.

Sharing with everyone now, few photos that AmyTan sent to my email to share with everyone.  Original credit as shown in the photos.

SS501 saying "We are SS501"

Thanks to MurdererQ for this photo!

Young Saeng with his birthday cake and in the brink of crying.

At the background is kyu jong dancing to Young Saeng's Hello Mello.

That's all for now. I will be sharing later video and more photos once I have them.

Note : I may I have missed  or erroneously typed some accounts from this post, please do let me know so that I can edit. 


etet said...

Long time to be silent but what a way to come back!!!! Love Them Love Them Love Them...

A HUGE ThanKYU to all who tweeted and provided pics!!

brightpearl_9x said...

ThanKyu 501 times for all of your sharing ^^ You did a very good job!

Also, there is one mistake I think...Huyn Joong's 2nd solo song is Gentleman, not Artmatic.

kelly said...

Thanks Liezle for sharing.

It was so exciting following the twitter flow yesterday nite.

They are really wonderful guys, always with their fans on their mind. Thanks so much to them.

slimz said...

thanks for the write up dear ^^
i was having a hard time following thru the tweets, hence really glad you posted this =D
read the translation of the SS talk time... its so much like before, the boys are still so much like before

time flies, soon kyu will be off duty. YS's 2 years will fly by fast too!

now shall wait for the 3 to honour their duty and we will get all 5 back together again =D

Anonymous said...

i was always checking for any updates but for a while, your last post was about KHJ(magnae)...then i saw from the news fans who came to see YS off to military, so i checked your blog again and here you are.... with YS updates.... tis a very meaningful birthday to YS and a very memorable to all green peas

Anonymous said...

seems either jungmin-ah or hyung jun will go next probably jungmin but overall i hope they all go soon so they can come back better than ever!

Anonymous said...

seems either jungmin-ah or hyung jun will go next probably jungmin but overall i hope they all go soon so they can come back better than ever!