Monday, June 26, 2006

i need your feedback

I came across this post and would want to know how you guys will react on such comment about Yong Joon.

She wrote ~

Concentrating on foreign dealings is one of BYJ's biggest flaws - his lack of popularity back home. I think you need to be respected and loved in your home country before you try to take over other countries

I know that the person who wrote this doesn’t know BYJ as much as we do. I would have wanted to react to her post but I don’t think that it’s proper since it’s not a BYJ’s turf ^_^. This is not the first time I came across such view from others.

Would any of you share your views on this?


Robyn said...

I think that girl is in and over her head. I believe she doesn't know Joonah that well to talk about him that way.

Joonah was recognized to have put the Daehan in the map. He was the starter of the Korean Wave. Joonah is known in his country as the Korean Wave King.

That I think should be pointed out to her.

bb said...

i probably wouldn't bother with a reply, coz i absolutely hate it when people pass judgements or make sweeping statements as if they know the facts.

the truth is... even us, the fans who do follow his work and all faithfully, can't profess to know everything about him. let alone a non-fan whose only knowledge about yong joon is quite possibly a mixture of maybe-biased media reports and hearsay.

i won't waste my time with people like this.

but... if i have to respond, i'll probably say this:

thank you for your comment and your interest in BYJ's career and the stance you've assumed he's taken.

i'm a fan who has been following BYJ's career and i dare say i probably know more about him, his works, his activities, his usual approach, his agency's management style more than you do. and even then, i do not profess to know the man. and i normally refrain from making sweeping statements on others when i don't have every fact.

but i believe i should point out to you that all these years, BYJ has not done more overseas than he has in his home country. what i mean here is that he accords the same level of attention and interest and concern towards the media, the fans, the public or any other party, be it in korea or otherwise. however, coverage and angle of coverage really depend on the media.

but i do not think you're being fair by making a statement like that. please note that BYJ is someone who has always been perceived as placing his national interests above everything else. you can see this by how he has always insisted on engaging korean talents wherever possible, and even down to using korean materials and printers when he published his picture album. this is despite the fact that by doing so, costs would escalate. compared this to what other korean stars are doing, most do their printing elsewhere, and get their material sources outside of korea. if this is not being patriotic and deserving of his country people's respect, i don't know what is.

did you even know that even his japanese agency IMX is korean-owned to begin with? and when they organized events, they also try as best as possible to engage korean musicians, emcee...? i believe this is far more than any other korean stars have done.

and... one very important thing, he is much respected and loved in his home country. you may have read a handful of negative media reports. but i wish that you would try and understand the entire situation, including understand the korean culture and the works of the entertainment industry, before making such conclusive statements.

you might not know this, but BYJ has been a star since his debut in 1994, and throughout this decade and a little more, he's often topped or at least is included in the popularity polls and even professional lists of the stars PDs want to work with. this is despite the fact that he's not a prolific actor, and he has the habit of taking a break after each work. if this is not being sought after and respected, i'm not sure i understand your basis. if the audience don't want to watch him, why else would PDs want to work with him?

and the other thing... he is not trying to take over other countries. i'm afraid i cannot concur with the use of such strong words. he is just doing his utmost as an actor, and it just so happens the audience in other countries have had the opportunity to watch his works and they know a gem when they see one.

[i might also cite how the french audience love AS]

in any case, this is not a BYJ thread, so i shall refrain from dwelling too much on the subject. but what i do wish that the non-fans know is that BYJ is a very conscientious actor who is very serious about his craft. he too is someone who is very proud of his korean roots and has so far been consistent in his dealings with all parties, local or otherwise.

i suggest non-fans try to learn more about the actors or actresses before passing remarks. or if you do not wish to spend your time learning more about BYJ, then i suggest you continue with this train of thought, and refrain from making remarks on someone you're not even keen to find out more about in the first place.

one last note, did you know that BYJ is working very hard to promote asian arts and movies? that, i believe, is a worthy cause as the asian arts & entertainment scene is ready to give hollywood a run for their money. i'm very proud that the actor i admire has formulated plans to put dreams into action.

heard of the adage, time will tell? if he's not as good as we think, if he's not as loved and respected as you think, he would not have stood the test of time for more than a decade. the entertainment circuit is a fickle one, in case you haven't noticed.

ginnie said...


This comment is a passing personal remark. He/She is entitled to her opinion on BYJ. Furthermore, he/she's did not elaborate much to back up her statement which makes it less credible i.e. not worthy of attention. Bb's response is more than enough information for her to digest. If he/she cares to elaborate more on his/her basis for making this claim, then, there is more points to discuss here.

"Concentrating on foreign dealings is one of BYJ's biggest flaws"
---> In this age of globalization, I can't believe one would call anything "international" a flaw. That's what you call an "international star"? Have he/she heard of that?

"Concentrating on foreign dealings one of BYJ's biggest flaws- his lack of popularity back home. "
--> Hmm...all of his movies and tv series are Korean productions. Even his photo album is a Korean production. What is proof of his "concentration on foreign dealings"?

His/her last statement is even more problematic. The entire sentence is over-ambitious and baseless. =) I am not going over it.

yokee said...


here's my share of a half cent hehe

HeippieH said...

Dear liezle,

since bb lead me to read this, and since dear liezle asked for opinions, I felt I can share mine - typically as soon as i read the first few words with a comment like this, i just ignore it, pass it, jump on something more meaningful and pleasant. This type of shallow comment is not worthy of any response. Waste of time. We can't fight any battle. For a person who apparently did not do any home work to know about BYJ, and does not willing to, what is the point of convincing him/her? I am not trying to discourage you, I just learned to asked the question "if it is worthy" before I pick the battle. You are such a loving person. Thank you for sharing your concerns and hope you feel better surrounded by people with the same taste.



liezle said...

Hi everyone thank you for your comments.

Honestly, I’ve been very afraid of posting that remark on yong joon. I actually don’t know what kind of response that I’ll be getting from it especially from the diehard fans because somehow I’ve a feeling that it will trigger some emotions to others. But I want to read what you guys think. Like I said this is not the first time that I’ve encountered such remarks.

As you know I’m not the kind who gets irritated easily. I’m a person with very long patience and broad understanding. Maybe if I’m the kind of person who acts on impulse I would have many enemies by now defending yong joon.

Robyn, yup I really do think that she doesn’t know yong joon which doesn’t give her the right to say such baseless remarks.

Bb, when I read your post I think that I’ve pushed a button that made your blood shoot up. First time I’ve read such a strong post from you. But what you posted was all true and based on facts. If and when I decide to email the person who wrote that piece [again just to educate her], i hope you don’t mind me using some of your kindly worded and fact full infos.

Yokee, she is not a Korean and her mom likes BYJ too that is why I’m surprised when she posted such remarks.

Ginnie, thanks for dropping by and giving your thoughts as well. I can also use the point that you wrote.

H, like you I ignore such remarks. I posted the remarks here to get worthy comments which I can use as tip in future discussions if thing such as this come up again and that I cannot control myself anymore.

TalN / Melissa JB said...

I think you are better taking the "high road" and letting the remark die a natural death. Most readers would know better to agree with it, or would not be engrossed enough with BYJ to care. The less attention you give the remark, the sooner it will wither away.

Personally, I do not see BYJ as trying to "take over" anything, only making his mark on his world in whatever way he has an opportunity. I hope that was just a poor english translation, because the nationalism in it fits a rather negative stereotype I am trying to unlearn.

bb said...

oopsies! my reply sounded strong? ah, that's the result of not thinking thru or vetting before typing away...

but guess those r my honest thoughts... though most of the time, they remain as thoughts, since as said, i hardly bother to reply to such comments.

marissa said...


Here's a link to my comment

liezle said...

hi taln/melissa jb! thanks for dropping by and sorry for the late acknowledgment.

yup i agree with you that yong joon is making his own mark. and he did that many years back ago.

marissa, i'll be zoommminnnnggg to your blog now ^^ *liezle is gone*