Thursday, January 15, 2009

new photos and video

earlier today we were treated with 4 new photos. if you missed the 1st set, you may click here. those photos came from the new cf of skyperfect.

before going in further, here's a short clip of the making of the winter cf posted by makishi on byj's quilt. thanks so much makishi!

and in the afternoon, 2 more photos were posted. one is again from skyperfect and the other one is the very first photo of yong joon from the italian apparel that he will be endorsing, Armando Bassini.

posted by miemi on byjgallery
inset are so ji sub and kang ji hwang of 'rough cut'
and the much talk about flower boys of korea.

from Arnaldo Bassini which i don't like it.
hope the rest of the photos are better than this.

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