Wednesday, January 28, 2009

screencaps from AB message and making

a video is already posted and it takes eternity to buffer. but if you want to view it just click the play button. ^^ thanks to pola for posting on byjgallery

and here are screencaps by 권오경posted on byjgallery screencaps of the interview and making. ^^ but i've to edit the screencaps she made to get rid of the background from AB's HP. ^^ anyway, thanks 권오경!

you know what? i'm starting to hate that fedora hat. seems like yong joon is so attached to it. i hope he gets rid of it soon. if wants to wear something on his head i would prefer him to wear a baseball cap, a beanie or a hunting hat.

btw, the coat looks familiar, right? he wore that when he went on satellite feed to give his message to his fan in yokohama and when he went to the factory of a renowned korean designer.

there are more caps from the making but i decided not to post them anymore since they're repetitions of what was posted earlier. i just selected these 3 since they've never been posted before.

and here a collage of the making posted by kiss on byjgallery. you may click the photo to enlarge

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kate09 said...

Guam is soo beautiful...and then there's lucky can they get??? Love him in his stripe shirt, white pants, flip-flops...and his camera!!