Monday, May 31, 2010

[Pix] Kyu Jong @ KBS 88 Gym Fan Signing Event

Thanks Marvie and Imane for doing a spazzz on Kyu Jong. I'm sure many fans of his are waiting for this. ^^

Thanks to the shutterbug of for taking these photos and sharing. I'm glad the shutterbug was able to capture the 2 cakes for the celebration of the 5th anniversary of SS501 and Leader's birthday. I'm sure you know which cake belongs to which celebration, right?

Hee, funny how Jung Min commented on the cake for their 5th anniversary. He said that he doesn't like their image on the cake because they use their old image. It's from their 'Warning' performance during their debut. ^^

credit as labelled/Kim Kyu Jung cn/baidu

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Miss Anonymous said...

yeah... finally got to see the cakes. was waiting for the cake pics. hehe. the little cake dolls of the boys definitely dont look like from the warning days. they're all wearing black suits and have black hair, so what was mal talking about then. hmmm... may be its on the other side of the cake that we cant see in this pic. :)
also kyu looking HOT HOT HOT.