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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong’s Endorsing Value Doubled [10.07.31]

Thanks Marvie for this.

Guys, before you write anything on the comment box, let me reiterate with you that this is business. Both KE and the actors involved have struck a great deal that can be envied by others. It's just a matter of trust and who handles business well.

Btw, I'm actually looking for the original article but couldn't anyway, an Anonymous visitor clarified the amount on the translation. According to her the total is 14,300,000 in rmb,around 3 million in dollar. Thanks Anonymous!

Oh I'm pretty sure that the figures quoted in this article are all guesses since no one would really know how much each deal is except the people involved.


Kim Hyun Joong’s Endorsing Value Doubled [10.07.31]

Credit: 信息时报+http://gb.cri.cn/27564/2010/07/31/108s2939715.htm + tear@SgTriples + Rainaftershine
Please repost with full credit

After Bae Yong Joon took in Kim Hyun Joong under his company, he straight away lay a path for him into the Japan market and also endorse in a Korean cosmetic brand. Kim Hyun Joong’s endorsing earnings have raised from 228 million (RMB) to 468 Million. Including the Japan fan meeting, photobook payout, in total an amount of 1430 million dollars. Bae yong joon has found himself a money tree such that he probably can retire at home.

Kim Hyun Joong is the leader of idol band SS501 and have entered Keyeast in June. Bae Yong Joon has done a great job in the Japan market with each year earning about 2000 million dollars. He sees much development in Kim Hyun Joong and let Kim Hyun Joong followed his model and arranged a few fanmeeting in Japan and also release photobooks, which estimated could bring in about 1430 million dollars at the end of the year.

Kim Hyun Joong who was popular in BOF have earlier accepted a new drama project ” Playful Kiss” and takes the role of the cool “zhi shu”, acting along with newbie Jung So Min. His handsome look in school uniform received much positive praises by netizens however Jung So Min ‘s look received much criticism with many female fans saying “她凭什么?” (*sort of mean on wad basis does she have to be the main actress).

14 Jul: Playful Kiss drama, payout: yet to release
10 Aug: Release of photobook in Japan, payout : 270 per book, abt 137 million
18 Aug: Osaka BOF fanmeet, payout:242 million
21 Aug: Tokyo BOF fanmeet, payout: 401 Million
11 Oct: Tokyo JCB stadium fanmeet, payout: 196 Million
29 Oct: Release of DVD photobook in Japan, payout: 900 per book, about 454 million

Total 1430 million


Anonymous said...

1430 million what? RMB? Korean Won? Yen? How much is that in US$????

Anyway, that means a lot of money ^^

sexy4yennie said...

is it all money?

Anonymous said...

WOW... Leader is the marketing king!!
No wonder companies were lining up with lucrative contracts just to get their hands on him. KeyEast wss the lucky winner.

Anonymous said...

Wow Leader sure is the marketing King..but he deserves it coz he really works hard..hope that he still take care of himself and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee people don't comment bad things again..he works hard for it, he doesn't sit around doing nothing. Give him the credit ok.

Anonymous said...

1430 million RMB is about 211.1 million USD. I am happy to see Leader doing good. :) he is very hardworking!

Anonymous said...

Of course, he's been making lots of money, even before he entered KeyEast. Wasn't Leader ranked the fifth in term of profitability in Korean for 2009; for individual he's second, only after Rain Bi. So, this is not a surprise.

I wonder how much he actually get from that big sum.

Anonymous said...

I dun think this is in RMB. the JCB Hall can only hold 3000 seats at most. How can the total payout to be 196 million???? If this is in RMB, this is nearly RMB 65K / USD 9.6K per ticket...so I think this is in Korean Won...

1430 million Won is just about 1.22M USD which is not really huge amount compared to 200+M : )

pinkymomo said...

agree to Anony 10:19am,

I also wondering how much he can get from it.....

Anonymous said...

裴勇俊网罗金贤重加入自家公司后,立刻为他铺路进军日本,还让他一同代言某品牌韩国保养品,金贤重的广告酬劳更从228 万元(人民币,下同),涨为468万元,加上日本影友会、写真集收入,合计达1430万元!裴勇俊有了金贤重这棵摇钱树,大可退休在家数钞票。



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Jenna said...

And it does not yet included the payout for his drama and that is only for the 2nd half of the year. He might have a good deal with Keyeast in terms of percentage of share in earnings. So much better than DSP. With the 1st half of the year not yet included which includes ads earning with Tony Moly, Samsung Card, Chicken ads, record sales for love ya, appearances, Seoul Concert, Japan Haryu concert, Spain photoshoot DVd, Concerts DVD etc which are all still under DSP. Not incl Gummy's song MV. Leader is super busy the whole year. I don't the share with DSP which maybe far less than his current contract with Keyeast but still Leader is going to be the top earner for 2010. He deserve it bec be really works hard and in a few he will be in the army and going to settle down. It is good that he went on a vacation beg of the year in Canada and in the Phil. recently

Anonymous said...

to liezle,
总计1430万元 is not Total 1430 million,it is 14,300,000 in rmb,around 3 million in dollar.

liezle said...

Hello Anonymous 12:49! Thanks for the figures. I've added them in my post.


Anonymous said...

i'm happy, leader doing good!!
he is so much better now after with byj company!
See dsp!! Are you regreat now?

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm not surprised that KHJ's profitability is being scrutinized... As a fan, this is one of those things that I hope for, that he didn't come out as the loser in that bargaining table with KE.

Visiting the source article webbie (with the help of google translate), it looks like all the numbers thrown in are given in RMB currency, not dollars. So i think those dollars mentioned in the translation are SGD(since SgTripleS are one of the sources?) Anyway, it's one of those nit-picks I had earlier, that the monetary units thrown are so inconsistent. I was thinking a lot got lost in the translation. I'm still thankful though that I was made aware of this article. Thanks tear@SgTripleS + rainaftershine + liezle for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Well, this article is not very accurate. Not all of those profit go to KeyEast.

The photobook in August is a product of DSP and another Japanese co.
The photobook and fan meeting in Oct do not belong to either DSP nor KeyEast, but Kim Hyun Joong's individual deal. Though it will be manage by KeyEast.
So, there're lots more to the total if you including Mischevous Kiss, and other endorsements.

Well, i hope leader can get a big share of all these. Health is more important, take care!

Anonymous said...

Hmm..... this is interesting...

it sounds like readers are okay that he becomes KE money tree now... whereas in the past, readers kindda scolded DSP for making him as DSP money tree.. hmmm.......

Anonymous said...

anony 5:33, leader isn't a money tree to KE becs his share will be much much much bigger than his share in DSP. When he gets big money, he will get much part of it too. So I'm very happy with this news. Leader, go go fighting! But pls take good care of your health. My wish is your good health as well as success.

Anonymous said...

Hyunjoong was a money tree with DSP but DSP bec of his contract with them was before their debut was much much smaller that he will get from Keyeast because he now can bargain his own contract because of the offer left and right before signing with them. He will get a much bigger share even half of it or more. What did DSP do to the boys. 5 yrs with them but only one full album and so many mini albums. DSP does not know how to make the full use of their artists but they are good in bringing up groups that became popular that I must give them the credit but after becoming popular they donot know what to do with them. Like SechsKies who disbanded in the middle of their popularity. Sechkies fans were larger than SS501 fans that I have heard. Even A'ST1 are very talented group but DSP does not know how to promote them. DSP losts their chances and now they are only relying on Kara to give them the big bucks although they are still earning from SS501.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for DSP.As a small company with limited resources, they did what they could and managed to make SS501 so popular. They could have tied them down with a longer contract but they did'nt.

Despite their shortcomings,I admire them for continuing to promote the boys even though they know the boys may not renew their contracts with them.

After training them and giving them every opportunity to make a name for themselves to the point of neglecting A'ST1, other companies are reaping the fruits of their labour now.

I am sure DSP had hoped that the boys would renew their contracts but unfortunately that did'nt happen. They must be dissapointed but they never utter a single word to make the boys look bad. I salute them for this.

Without DSP, KHJ will not be where he is today. Same goes with the other 4 boys. Everybody seems to thank keyeast and forget what DSP had done. Many take pleasure in the fact that DSP is losing out now.

Anonymous said...

[Sorry ppl for my rant]

@7:30 Are you DSP's agent?

I don't feel sorry for DSP at all.

Other small companies manage to do better for their artists and may be DSP not sure the boys will success or not so they don't want to tie them too long.

From the boys's interview back in late 2009 they still wanted to renew contracts with DSP but something might happen that cause the changes.

Training them, yes but giving them every opportunity, Neglecting A'ST1 for them LOL.

DSP never utter a word coz if the truth came out THEY might look bad and fans might boycott them coz they do something bad to the boys.

Without DSP, I belive KHJ and the boys will still success coz they are hard-working, talented and charismatic both as a group and individuals.

DSP has done a good job in bringing up many awesome groups but they're not good in manage them.

Anonymous said...

7:30 pm anonymous,
DSP earnings mostly fm khj compare to the rest & he don't owe them anymore,but dsp still owe an explanation on ex-president birthday case to him.Read fm some sources,because dsp don't have the future plan for the boys,so they have to look for other agency.

Ca Kim said...

I'm so happy with this news (even if the figures are not so accurate)... nice to know that KE has been busy giving KHJoong projects & promoting hin well... I hope & pray that KHJoong continue to earn more so he can help more people who are in need... I'm sure over the years he has helped a lot but just like his very huge donation to Abiertas in Manila, Philippines he didn't want it to be known... anyways, God bless you KHJoong & the rest of SS501 men... may all of you live a long, healthy, happy & successful lives : )

Triple S all over the world will continue our love & support for all of you : )

Anonymous said...

To 7:30, did you forget what DSP did to leader on Jan 18 birthday party? DSP only used wuri hyun joong as a money maker for the last 5 years and caused Jan 19 event to hold him to DSP - how cunning and wicked!

Leader was borne as a STAR so he could have been much better if he worked for other agencies. He had a starship who made PDs and agencies wanted to work with without DSP's efforts like Group8 strongly begged his casting in BOF.

Anonymous said...


切記啊...... 切記啊......

Anonymous said...

wow.. seems like the readers know the content of his contract with DSP and KE in details...Isn't contract information confidential? How did the readers know so much?

Anonymous said...

Oh my...FYI:

1. According to Korea times, BYJ paid a total income tax of 9.7 billion won in 2006. the tax was calculated based on his income from 2005, which totaled 32.9 billion won. His income is the highest of those in the local show business. In 2006, he earned 14.8 billion won even though he didn’t appear in any films and television dramas & it came mostly from commercials and royalties.

2. English Chosun reported that BYJ's talent fee is around US$5 million, “the highest in Asia”. It also mentioned the near $100 million empire the actor has been able to build in the short time since he rose to superstardom.

So I think it's wrong for the writer to say: "Bae yong joon has found himself a money tree such that he probably can retire at home". Really now, if its just about the earnings, BYJ could have retired 4 or 5 years ago!

Anonymous said...

hey guys, you are so funny computing about his earnings. go compute your own finances, Hyun Joong can handle his own. he can afford accountants to do that.