Thursday, August 05, 2010

More Fancams on Hyun Joong's 3rd Shooting Day of Mischievous Kiss

More fancams to watch. Thanks Marvie!

Wonder how long the production team will allow fans from being at the shooting site? They've been very nice so far for not shooing the fans and allowing them to take vids and pix.

Thanks to the ever wonder fans who took this vid and for uploading. Thanks too to all YT uploaders.

Credit : noblekhj

Credit : daumblog/boysmom72


Anonymous said...

KHJ looks like his enjoying the shooting and he looks good although I saw some eyebags..he still looks so cute and handsome. so excited for MK can't wait..fighting KHJ

pinkymomo said...
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aprilstar said...

Looks like good bonding moment with co-star Lee Tae Sung preparing their bodies for the sport scenes .