Monday, August 02, 2010

Pix spazzzz on Jung Min from Attraction

Actually this is not only a post on Jung Min but of Maknae as well. But Attraction’s shutterbug took more photos of Jung Min and posted that explains my title. ^_^

I really can’t get enough of these two. Love love the public display of affection… so natural and genuine, right? Miss seeing them like this so much.

On the first photo have you noticed that Maknae's eyes are alrady swollen? He thought that Jung Min couldn't make it then Jung Min's voice was heard inside the venue saying 'Who said that I couldn't be here?' then he appeared to the suprise of Maknae and everyone inside.

Btw, thanks to Shirley for the tip on where to lift this set... at Baidu. ^^


Claire Quardeelitha said...

wow!! thanks for the pix, liezle !
i've waited for the pix of mal, and now i can see it !
He is really handsome !

Anonymous said...

Baby must have really missed Jungmin a lot.

Doris said...

Thanks so much for the pictures!

Anonymous said...

where can i see the vid..?
oh jungmin surprised everyone, baby must be so touched coz jungmin was there.

Anonymous said...

I hope jung min will keep this hairstyle. He looks so handsome with it. His smile never fails to brighten my day.

Anonymous said...

CEO Park was so handsome!!!
the true sexy charisma

Anonymous said...

what a sweet surprise and that's just so so mal!

love the first pic so much!

Anonymous said...

jungmin never fails to amaze me...Tom and jerry<3

Anonymous said...

Mal is my least favorite amongst the 5, but looking at the pictures here and the way he values the feelings of his brothers(i.e. when news came out about him signing in another company he clarified it right away by saying he has to talk with other members first, how he misses his other members, how he works hard for his online shop and now the surprise for magnae...) - - Mal is now becoming my 2nd Mal to liven up the atmosphere :) (A)

hUdZ said...

is it just me but mal looks so matured here..but i still love him all the same..miss them so much..i want to see them performing on stage together again..