Wednesday, August 18, 2010

[Trans] First Love Story - Bali Report No. 2

Loads of thank you again to miyo for translating this entry from this blog in lovekimhyunjoong forum.


2010.08.18 Wednesday

Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story” – Bali Location Report No.2 -

Source: "The First Love Story" Shooting Blog
Japanese Translation: miyo@

Lunch starts at 1:30pm at the location having lunchbox.

Hyun Joong also mixed together with the staff having a simple lunch, Kimchi Fried Rice.

During this time, Hyun Joong seemed to have returned to his usual young and innocent self which on the contrary, reflect his charm.
The shooting starts again from 2.20pm, Hyun Joong appeared after changing into a grey suit.

↑Awakening… the beautiful image of him lying on the white bed

3:30pm. This time, Hyun Joong has changed into white pants with grey shirt and vest to have the long interview by the poolside facing the vast ocean.
Talking about his own activities, about Japanese fans and also on his fresh start as an artiste and his future ambitions etc, even the director was astonished with his unique “Hyun Joong Talk”

↑Awakening scene shot at the bedroom on the 2nd level of the villa.
Which is also where Hyun Joong stayed at.

In here from faraway Bali, Hyun Joong sent a call out to all fans, “Please wait for the DVD sales on 29th October!” (Message on the homepage)
Shooting for the first day has ended without any problems and Hyun Joong showing his tough side directly headed straight to the gym for training.

The staff were surprised by this.

↑Stooping by the poolside indulging in his thoughts

The staff waited at the front yard in front of the reception to head out for dinner together.

Hyun Joong appeared completely different from during the shooting wearing black tank top and pants with a black knitted hat.

After seeing the marks left after the bike accident on his shoulder, arm and legs, the staff was telling him, “No more riding on the bike anymore”
Heading to a Korean restaurant, LARIS which is around 30~40mins ride by car from Karma resort.
Together with the staff, Hyun Joong had Samgyeopsal (pork belly) and Chige (stew) and thereafter, headed into the town to play football.

↑Long interview by the poolside of No.36 villa,
the main indoor shooting area 36 villa,
the main indoor shooting area


tetsu girl said...

wait, what bike accident?? when did this happen? sounds bad if he hurt his shoulder, arm, and legs. D:
also, sleeping Hyun Joong is an image of perfect purity. <3

Anonymous said...

haizzzz..... i really regret why keyeast didn't publish the date the photoshoot in bali earlier....

indonesian TS miss him so much.... feel sad for Bali TS. if they known that HJL would come to their island as soon as the article came up, may be there will be a lot fan cams and photos like when he was on Philippine

Anonymous said...

i already preorder this product in yesasia..

liezle said...

hi tetsu girl. that last accident that he had before the release of destination was a motorcycle accident not a car accident as what was reported earlier. they just made it to a car accident so as not to alarm the fans.


Anonymous said...

Poor leader... I hope he fully recovered from the accident and that the marks on shoulder, arm and legs will eventually fade away.

Anonymous said...

HyunJoongie no more bike for you ok...really hate that mode of transfo..when I see one it made me think of accidents..tha's why I why I was curious why his injuries are like that if it is a car accident it will not be like that...KHj take care of the sleeping photo it looks so natural and the place is so good. got to buy this also...Goodluck to BOF AE, MK and KHj..fighting

tetsu girl said...

hi, liezle, thanks for the info. i didn't know that, must've missed it while on vacation. when was this revealed and by whom?
but omg a motorcycle accident IS much more alarming! didn't the reports say he was with a friend? was it a friend on another bike or HJL's bike? @_@
anyway, that was 2-3 months ago, so i guess he has permanent scars now. T_T man, how many times has HJL been close to death now? 3 times when he was a homeless teen, sleeping pill overdose in '08, car accident, fainting, and H1N1 in '09, and then this motorcycle accident this year. D:
HJL, please take better care of yourself!!! ;_;

pinkymomo said...

with NO doubt, white attire made him like an angel... innocent and adorable!

His sleeping pose is so cute.... love ya!

oh gosh.... bike accident? No wonder it hurt him so much pain >___<

No more bike, definitely!

Anonymous said...

HJL, Please no more riding bike anymore, OK!!
riding bike is so risk, many people love you!!!

Anonymous said...

no more bike, HJL. Keyeast please don't ever allow him to ride a bike, take good care our leader please!!

Anonymous said...

Leader,you can ride bicycle but not bike,ok?

Anonymous said...

I remember in an earlier (2007 or 2008) interview that he wanted a motorbike as a mode of transportation because of the traffic in Seoul and the cost of gas. But now I hope he had learn a lesson that motorbike are really dangerous and will not ride into one anymore. Those are nasty scars on his shoulder and arms. What about his legs. I hope they would not be a permanent one or I hope his dermatologist can do something to lessen the scar.

Anonymous said...

Africa map on his right shoulder to remind him it was injured on the year of Africa world cup 2010.

Anonymous said...

can somebody tell me, when did he came to indonesia (bali i mean) ? i live in indonesia, but i've never heard about this thing before. thx :)

liezle said...

Hi Anonymous 9:10. Hyun Joons was in Bali on July 27 and returned on July 31.