Sunday, May 23, 2010

21 HQ Photos of SS501 from Weolcheok

As expected HQ photos will be coming out today. Again thanks to Lois for this set.

Here's a set of photos from the shutterbug of Weolcheok. You may click each photo to enlarge.

You may download all photos HERE. Thanks to Sudal for the link.


Anonymous said...

They all look so handsome :)

Kyu Jong Oppa's outfit was very interesting

I'll be waiting for their comeback :)


nocchie said...

I just feel that SAENGI look more chubby here^^
Did he ate a lot ??

aprilstar said...

You could see KHJ is so physically restrained in body movement except the head ,his left hand holding the mic and the right hand articulations.But his eyes speak the most from the pained,sad expressions to becoming happy in receiving and acknowledging love and appreciation from the fans and even from non fans in the audience.

Joyce said...

aprilstar, I had the same thoughts as you. I could sense that Hyun Joong Ssi is still in pain although the accident was 10 days ago. I bruised my ribs once and it took a month to heal properly. Whenever I sneezed, coughed or laugh it hurt. Imagine, Hyun Joong Ssi using the air in his lungs enclosed by the rib cage to SING! Pray he will heal fast so that he could carry out the promotion activities and also enjoy his Birthday. Hyun Joong Ssi, Hwaiting!

sleepy head said...

ok.. why do i have a feeling that say YS body is definitely has something going on.. i dunno chocs abs maybe? or maybe white chocs.. hahahah i know wild imagination :)

Anonymous said...

i am a doctor and i know he is in pain. it's written in his face and in his body movements.
i love these guys to bits! but i fing kyu jong's clothes horrible :p i love him still, though :)

Anonymous said...

I think Kyu looks really handsome and I like his clothes the best. =)

Anonymous said...

On the lighter note ,silly me ,I thought KHJ was the one wearing the coat with the slashed long sleeves -to accommodate his bruised body. Like many ,my eyes looked for Hyun Joong and it took while because the pictures were small to see he was next to JM.