Thursday, May 13, 2010

i'm just curious....

I have been reading many reactions from fans about the issues that have been plaguing SS501. Since there is nothing much to post, I have decide to come up with the questions below.

Many might have noticed that I've intentionally avoided commenting about the current issues. I still am not going to comment but I thought of posting these questions to know how visitors of my blog think of the current issues.

I have disabled the comment box on this post for the reason that I don't want to create a pattern of hate hate comments or good good comments that would influence visitors. All I want to get from this post, more or less, is how fans are feeling without any heated arguments.

All of us have different opinions on this matter and yes I respect everyone's opinion. The following questions are random questions that came to my mind while typing this. The answers to choose from are from different reactions I've been reading from blogs and fora. I might have missed some but I guess more or less the answers represent what others think.

Instructions :
1. Tick one answer then click vote.
2. You will be directed to the poll results.
3. Click BACK to return to my blog to answer the rest of the questions.
4. Please repeat the process for each question.

Do you believe that SS501 will be disbanding?
No free polls

Would you like them to leave DSP?
No free polls

If answer is YES, answer the 2 questions below.

Why do you think SS501 should leave DSP?
DSP does not care about SS501.
DSP's marketing sucks.
DSP is a slave driver management company.
SS501 deserves a better management company.
All of the above free polls

Where do you think SS501 is better off?
SM Entertainment
YG Entertainment
JYP Entertainment
DSP Entertainment
Managing their own company free polls

If answer above is NO, answer this.

Why do you think SS501 should remain with DSP?
SS501 started with DSP
Despite lacking in many things DSP seems not that strict with SS501
DSP is tolerable
SS501 seems happy with DSP
All of the above free polls

Do you like, dislike or like and dislike DSP?
Like and Dislike free polls

If SS501 remains intact how many more years do you think they would remain as an idol group?
1 more year
2-3 years
4-5 years
5-6 years
Forever free polls

When SS501 releases their new album under DSP, would you
support it even it's only a mini album
won't support it because it's a mini album free polls

Would you be disappointed because it's not a full korean album?
It doesn't matter whether it's full or mini album free polls

Whatever happens in June 8, would you support SS501?
Maybe free polls

Do you think that you are 501% green pea?
Maybe free polls

Thank you for participating.