Saturday, October 03, 2009

Kyu Jong eating live octopus

I've seen and read somewhere that eating live octopus can be fatal. But for the Korean's eating live octopus is a tasty delicacy I believe is part of their culture especially when socializing. The people of Korea believe eating the live octopus will bring strength and stamina to those who it it.

Because the suction cups on the arm pieces are still active when the dish is served, special care ought to be taken when eating sannakji [small octopus]. The active suction cups can cause swallowed pieces of arm to stick to the mouth or throat. This can present a choking hazard for some people, particularly if they are intoxicated. One must thoroughly chew so that no piece is big enough to stick to one's throat. Some people like the feel of the pieces wriggling as swallowed, and so will not completely chew up the particles. Those who are new eating sannakji should completely chew it up into tiny particles before swallowing. [source : wikipedia]

Here's a video of Kyu Jong eating live octopus when he was still doing 'God of Cookery Expedition'.

If you cannot watch the video above click HERE.

Question, are you the kind of person who will dare to eat live octopus?

I sometimes try eating exotic food but i choose which to eat. But eating live octopus? I don't tihink I can do it. Though one of my friends going with me in Seoul is already daring us to try it. Yay!

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Here's a video from National Geographic channel featuring eating live octopus


mel_1223 said..., I dont think I can stomach a live octopus..or anything that is still living..It may be a delicacy..but I feel like .. 'oh poor thing, it is struggling there and here am I gona pull IT apart and eat it..'. I dont know, but I dont think I can do it :P.

I have this weird thinking like..what if I am the octopus there myself..? :P

spring said...

arrrr..... i definitely cannot eat it... not say alive.. even cooked one also i can't... i just see octopus then so scary already.. dare not to eat... ya... i saw some Japaneses, Korean eat live octopus from TV program as well.... i can't imagine how poor octopus will suffer and ppl who eat it in their mouth, how they will feel it too...heee.. stop stop now...
haha... mel.. i am laughing over yr thinking of what if u were the octopus there yrself??hhee.. then i will ask JM to eat evil of me huh...:D

Anonymous said...

O.O it looks so dangerous.. especially when it sticks to his cheeks.. cant even imagine how am i gg to stomach the live octopus..

wen0607 said...

A few years ago, when I was in Korea, my korean friend brought me and my friend to try the LIVE octopus... I dared not to eat, but my friend dared to try it..... I salute to her! When I saw the octopus moving, I didn't even dared to touch......

After eating, my friend said that the taste not so bad.... cos she put some homemade sauce on the LIVE octopus before eating....