Monday, October 19, 2009

Maknae's airport photos 10.18.09

This is another late post. These photos were shoved to me by Mariposa early this morning but wasn't able to post anymore since I was about to go out then.

Anyway, here are photos of Maknae at Incheon Airport yesterday. Thanks to Prettyboy for the wonderful captures. Looks like Maknae has a stiff neck.^^


guitardani13 said...

anybody else staring at young saengie's adorable dimples or just me? Too cute!

Btw liezle, I'm so envious of u getting to see kyujong and youngsaeng in person...AHHHHHHHHH! Have a great time, all of us, your daily blog stalkers are living vicariously through you, so have enough fun for a thousand plus!

Anonymous said...

*massage massage* feeling better?