Friday, January 28, 2011

01.27.11 S/Tweet Treats

1:03AM 01.28.11 Update : Shoving this up as tweets of yesterday is already complete.

Alright, do you want to know what happened to Kyu Jong's iPhone yesterday? Can you guess what Hyung Jun's tweet is about? Read the newly added tweets that xiaochu translated on Quainte501.


Here's today's tweets from Kyu Jong. Much thanks to xiaochu for another translation at Quainte501.

Geez, I actually thought that it was Kyu Jong's mom and sister. Miahne.


[Trans] 01.27.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

2011-01-27 @ 1:15pm
2kjdream Happy time..^^

2011-01-27 @ 1:06pm
2kjdream With my friend SungIl whom I haven't met for a long time, Happy New year!!!!!!!! Even though it's very late... TT !!!

2011-01-27 @ 3:37pm
wjseoguq SS501 KyuJong is here at JeonJu The Box now to buy handphone ke Daebak ke

2011-01-27 @ 3:45pm
wjseoguq TT TT My fate of taking secretly heuuk T ss501 KyuJong is here at JeonJu The Box ke

2011-01-27 @ 7:03pm KoJongHee @2kjdream Ah sigh~~What is it that is so tough TT It is tough to be alive, sometimes the world made me feel afraid TT Are you doing well?

2011-01-27 @ 7:20pm
hyeongjin2 Think he played too violently yesterday keke. Kyul handphone broke keke

2011-01-27 @ 7:23pm
Actor_ParkJiBin @hyeongjin2 Hur keke What was he playing kekekeke KyuJong hyung handphone keke

2011-01-27 @ 7:35pm
hyeongjin2 @Actor_ParkJiBin Scissors paper stone keke A game where the handphone of the person who lose to be smashed heehee

2011-01-27 @ 8:02pm
Actor_ParkJiBin @hyeongjin2 Hur kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke Daebak..... kekeke

2011-01-27 @ 8:52pm
2kjdream @hyeongjin2 Hahaha That's so funny hee Smashing handphone game!!!!! ah~~ burst into laughter!!!!! eueu Must have it repaired TT

2011-01-27 @ 8:56pm
2kjdream @KoJongHee If you say it's tough when it is tough, then it will get even tougher!!^^ Because you'd be busy looking at good things, listening to good music and eating good food~ so let's enjoy!!!! ~ Let's have a cup of soju soon!!!^^

2011-01-27 @ 9:49pm

2011-01-27 @ 10:31pm
jinhoda @HyungJun87 What do you mean


Anonymous said...

wow first time one of the boys is showing some lady friend. That's so Kyuttt hihihihihi the guy seams familiar....

hana said...

thats not his sister? really looked like it though!

Anonymous said...

That is his mom and sis, you're correct!

Anonymous said...

no the girl his sister she even look like him

liezle said...

oh alright so i was not wrong then. it's Kyu Jong's sis and mom. And he's playing with us. ^_^


Good genes run in the family. ^^

Anonymous said...

Good genes run in the family indeed! Except I don't understand - his dad doesn't look very tall or maybe he's plump hence he doesn't look tall, i don't know. But Kyujong is very tall!! He's lucky :D

Anonymous said...

Lol is this his sis and mom or not? I'm confused!haha But it does look like his sis and mom...XD

Lovely said...

i think the descriptions were switched. i just checked his twitter acct.. and it seems it is so. i believe that's his mom and sis. ^^,