Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hyun Joong Message on his KOB 01.02.10 (Ver. 3)

Here is xiaochu's version of Hyun Joong's message which he posted last night on his official Korean Board (KOB).

Yeah this one mentions that his house is posted on the net and that he might be chased out again. TT_TT

Anyway, read this version of xiaochu posted on Quainte501. Thanks much!


[3rd Ver] Hyun Joong Message on his Korean Official Board 01.03.10
Credits: + xiaochu @

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I wasn't able to take a photo of me praying for a new year wish ...because there was some personal matters..

That's why I searched through the internet and reposted a photo of the rising sun on new year ..- -;;;;

Is this illegal reposting ...keke

Umm I said this before isn't it ??????When I am much much older, I will watch over you and

Don't know if I can do it well ...anyway I will work even harder and to the extend of admission tickets keke

I will become someone who can earn 3 more tickets keke Have you eaten Rice-cake Soup ?????????

I am going to eat it now keke in fact, I ate it yesterday a snack for alcohol

26 years old ............................Damn it Shit kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke

This damn thing ...this damn thing....spit spit spit

This xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

kekekekekeke Just joking ...kekeke

Happy new year, be healthy and I will work even harder now and become a crazier person that you are anticipating

Aren't you happy that my house was on the internet?????? Nevertheless, please just see it over the internet

T T I am going to be chased out again ...T T

Sonata...being pricked right??????kekekekeke I am letting you of this once kekekekeke

I will try to release a release a great album in this new year, practice like crazy and my target for the year is to have 1 good drama and 2 great albums keke

Attain (the targets) and let's greet each other happily next year ^^Sorry, because I didn't keep my promise

Instead, I will become someone who will be able to watch over you even more kekeke


Anonymous said...

I really hope that KHJ fans do give him some privacy when he's at home resting. I know it's a price that celebrities pay for being famous but fans should know their limits and respect the artist's wishes. How sad it is that he's constantly having to move because of his fan's stalking habits.

Anonymous said...

Fans don't go chase after Hyun Joong or I'll chase u instead!!XD I heard he lost his grandma? Is that what he's referring to? Well nyw, I feel very happy to read his message!:D Hyun Joongie plz do watch over us too!^^ Save some of that rice cake soup for me!lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I love his message. I dont fully understand but I love it. He is always 4D Leader.

riyela said...

2 album? hope that for his solo album and other for ss501 album