Monday, January 10, 2011

Young Saeng and Kyu Jong Back in Korea by Harunohi

After the successful fan meeting in Hong Kong, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng are back in Korea last night at around 7:30pm. They were welcomed by fans and Harunohi (501_dg) was there to take photos of them too.

Next stop for Kyu Jong and Young Saeng will be in Japan on the 22nd of January and Manila on the 5thf of February.


Chara said...

:-) *Big smile*

They are safely back. ^^ Great! Now they have some time to rest until there next stop. ^^ Hahahaha, so delighted today since I saw the FCs and photos. So much thanks for all ur updates liezle, such a hardworking lady *hugs*!

Ys... that had... looks like the one I wore in Korea... hahahaha

Anonymous said...

YS looks tired!! Tired from the FM! YS rest well and let's meet n the 22nd^^