Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Kyu Jong!

I know we are missing Kyu Jong so much but we know as well that he is missing us much more, right?

So for today, since it is his birthday Kyu Jong woke up early to thank all his fans who greeted him on Twitter.

Here is translation of Kyu Jong tweet courtesy of xiaochu1004 on Twitter.
2kjdream : Thank you. There are so many of you wishing me happy birthday over here, thank you and thanks once again. Really thankful to Pretties. I'm really touched by the messages sent from various countries..Thank you x501^^ I'll return even better than before so please wait for awhile more. ThanKYU~

Happy Birthday, Kyu Jong!  


Anonymous said...

yeah, happy birthday kyujongie, miss u darling ^^ #501KyuDay

Anonymous said...

omg i miss him so damn much! can he tweet or can he not tweet, since he's in the army? if he can then why isn't he doing it more often??

Anonymous said...

Hope you the best, Kyu Jong :D Happy Birthday!