Sunday, February 03, 2013

[Pix & Vid] Kim Hyun Joong at Lotte Fan Meeting in Seoul by MurdererQ

MurdererQ was in Seoul in attended the fan meeting of  Hyun Joong that was held in Lotte yesterday, 2nd of February.  As always, whenever she is present she will share with us awesome photos that she has taken.

I am shoving here photos that MurdererQ took that I lifted from her Baidu blog. Please do DO NOT edit the following photos.

Thank you once again MurdererQ!

Note from MurdererQ:
※재업로드,2차 변형 금지!!!

Video below was lifted from ThemurdererQ's YouTube channel. 

Note from MurdererQ
※ 嚴禁修改及切勿再上傳在線!!!
※ 재업로드, 2차 변형 금지!!!
※ 映画の転载・二次加工禁止です!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! i'm jealous with that girl.. leader feed her~ sobs sobs T_T

Anonymous said...

Hahaha so cute Hyun Joongah!

Anonymous said...

He looked cheerful n well rested in the photos...n dashing too with his mouth

Anonymous said...

Whatever HJ does, it's so cute.
Love you and support you forever, my prince.

Anonymous said...

He's still all smile but you can see his eyes when unguarded they cannot hide his feeling due to his drama's issues with KBS.

It is not his fault though it must be tiring and disappointing when one doesn't know the outcome of hard work and time spent. Hj for one doesn't do his projects halfheartedly=he always go for it heart,body and soul.

I pray more projects will come his way and CC if it will not be resolved ,HJ can charhe it to experience.

NobodyAnybody said...

My wish is that he get into one episode drama to reintroduce him to the acting world and create a overwhelming demand. That usually gets people's attention and put pressure on TV networks and not let them hide behind the curtain of supposed political pressures.

But of course he has something up his sleeve, with that unique mind of his.

Anonymous said...

Be strong, love!!! Life is not all smooth-sailing, there'll definitely be times when the goings get tough, so hang in there, dear hyunjoong love! Your fans will be by your side, always! We'll be holding on to you tightly, so no worries, love! Take care, now!

Anonymous said...

Life goes on. The cancellation by kbs is a big blow to the fans but it is hj we are talking here. He will definitely bounce back even higher.