Saturday, February 23, 2013

[Vid & Pix] Young Saeng Leaving for Japan & PressCon Pix for Summer Snow

On the 20th of February, Young Saeng left for Japan to attend the press conference of the musical 'Summer Snow'.

Here are photos and videos of Young Saeng leaving  S Korea via Gimpo.

Following photos were lifted from the post of 小贝大爱 in Baidu.  Original credit as shown on the photo.

lifted from senge prince with original credit to @bestys1103

lifted from yssilver1103 YT channel
허영생 팬사이트 마들렌
Heo Young Saeng Fansite Madeleine

As many already know, musical is not new to Young Saeng as he had embarked on this on 2011 when he was cast in 'Three Musketeers' in Korea. But this is the first time for him to do a musical in Japan.

'Summer Snow' will start in Osaka on the 12th to 19th of April in Amagaasaki Cultural Center. Then in Osaka on May 31 to June 15 at Akasaka ACT Theater.

Here are photos few photos of Young Saeng from the press conference lifted from Baidu.



Anonymous said...

OMG this is the youngseang i want to see.He is so cute and refreshing.YS fighting!!!!

Anonymous said...

young saeng i love you and i really miss you so much..can't wait your comeback any more..please comeback soooon oppa <3

Anonymous said...

YS, missed him so much. Glad he will be doing a Musical. It's always lovely to hear his angelic voice. And his new look ... I like it. I think he looks so cute. Hope YS and cast have lots of success with this musical.

Anonymous said...

Saengie fighting!! So happy to see you and you look gorgeous. Support you forever :-)

Anonymous said...

he looks fat

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see him in musical and his comeback!! :D
but his hair is...i am not liking it~

Anonymous said...

YS is so full of charm! My eyes are totally soley on him everytime he appears. Love his look - very handsome :-)