Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[FanCams] Hyun Joong in Brazil

In Sao Paolo, Brazil Hyun Joong made the hearts of many fangirls racing as he performed in front of them live for the 50th anniversary of Korean Immigration in Brazil dubbed as '2K13 Feel Korea.

Here are fancams of Hyun Joong's performances lifted from the YouTube channel of
LOVEMIH4EVER. Super heaps of thanks!

He does look happy performing, right? I am happy glad that Hyun Joong was invited to this event and fluttered the hearts of many South  American  (thanks for the correction) fans.

To the fans in North American, I am pretty sure Hyun Joong felt your love for him.


Anonymous said...

The scream of fans.
Hyun Joong has great perf.

Anonymous said...

Why did the article say HJ broke the hearts of Brazil fans?

HJ on the contrary made those hearts warm and happy with his presence.

And yes,the fans acknowledgement they were very happy with his coming must have filled HJ's heart with joy.

liezle said...

Oppsie, sorry about that 6:11. I corrected my entry. Thanks for pointing that out.

Yeah i heard that many were happy and excited. And I am really glad that he's able to go as far as North American. I hope to get details later of the Peru fan meeting which I read was very much anticipate.


Anonymous said...

Go go, Hyun Joong ah.
It's time to conquer America.

Anonymous said...

Congrats hjl. Another great achievment. Heard that fans in Peru got hurt at the airport n he was waited by thousands of screaming fans. Poor hj. He must be shocked n scared. Nevertheless it proves how popular hjl is. Sooooooooooo proud of him.

Anonymous said...

It's South America

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong made Peru fans crazy also!! You are so amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

heard more than 3,000 peru fans at the airport waiting welcoming his visit to peru! lots of fans were also waiting both side of roads, giving welcoming screams.

wow, very happy to hear his popularity getting global as time goes by...he needs to do another drama real soon to show himself to many of his loving fans around the world.
figting wuri hyunjoong!!