Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sweet Kyu Jong Knitted Hats

I made a HUGE mistake, I missed hitting the PUBLISH button when I already have this prepared.  So sorry....

So sweet of Kyu Jong and of course his fans to be doing this heartwarming charity work.

Thanks once again to xiaochu for doing the translation in Quainte501 and SGNoonas.

[Trans] ThanKyu 21st STAFF REPORT

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Hello!!!!! (*^^*)
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen everyone through STAFF REPORT.
This is the person in charge of ThanKYU.

After KyuJong was enlisted, there were many difficulties in conveying his news,
And there are parts of concerns too,
Thus we are extremely careful in conveying any news to ThanKYU… (Please try to us too everyone…)

But today!!
I am here because we have something that we must say.

Sometimes, we have heard of various news about having a short meeting (?) with KyuJong when (they) went to find KyuJong at the place where he works at.
Time flies at the same time goes slowly too.
Already this much time has passed by,
Looking at the balance of D-DAY at the homepage, it seems like there’s still a long way to go!
Everyone has this same feeling isn’t it?

Today, I will briefly show you the parcel which KyuJong sent,
As well as to let you know that KyuJong is doing well.

ThanKYU has been doing various charity works under the name of KyuJong & ThanKYU all these while, and KyuJong has participated in it together too.

He wanted to help in the charity work for knitting hats for infants
So he knitted the hats in his free time after work and sent it over to the office.
Even though we heard sometimes that he is knitting the hats^^ but having received them, made me imagine KyuJong’s look when knitting the hats with the knitting needle.
Indeed, he is our thoughtful star!

A total of 14 hats were sent today.
Various colors are pretty and he really knitted well. KyuJong said he has gotten help from his mother.^^
The hats will be delivered to ThanKYU who are doing the charity work, to be donated together with the rest.

Heart-warming artiste KyuJong and ThanKYU who always love and cherish KyuJong!

Until the next time when I’m here again to convey news of KyuJong~!
This winter has been exceptionally cold and flu is also very serious.
Hope that you will pay more attention to your health…
I will be back again with KyuJong’s letter next time^^


Anonymous said...

No worries Liezle~ it's so kind of him and ThanKyus doing charity to help people in need. It's been almost half a year for his enlistment, time passes quite fast right? He'll be back soon^^

Anonymous said...

He is just something else. Love him very much... until this day haven't found any flaws. Love his warm heart. His personality, actions, and words inspire me a lot. I miss him a lot, but glad to hear he is doing well.

etet said...

hi hi liezle

It's been awhile. May not comment but do come by daily to catch the "latest"...

This one made me smile... Knitting!?!? Amazing! Keep surprising us Kyu Jong!

quizzy said...

Such a kind sweet prince.... i miss him...

Anonymous said...

I keep imagining KyuJong knitting. It's too thoughtful of you Kyusi ah. love you and miss u much