Saturday, May 25, 2013

Second Teaser for Hyun Joong's 'TONIGHT" is Out

On the 23rd of May I have shared here the 1st teaser to  Hyun Joong's 'TONIGHT' upcoming Japanese single.

Today, I will be sharing here the 2nd teaser from the 3rd Japanese single which will be out on the 5th of June. This time the short 55 seconds video teases us with the MV from 'Cappucino'.

Video is courtesy of universalmusicjapan.


Anonymous said...

Daebak KHJ! Can't wait for June 5! 'SS501 Anniversary'? Smells like a stategy or a sly attempt to remind people of KHJ's group, especially during this time when he is coming up with his Japanese & Korean albums. That is a good time for people to be reminded I guess, when he is in the forefront.

Anonymous said...

Don't remind about the reunion in Hyun Joong's topic.
It makes all tired.
Great teaser of Hyun Joong. I can see his big improvement in any his products.
Go go, my prince!