Thursday, May 09, 2013

[Article] Jung Min Visited Taiwan

Jung Min is in Taiwan and he will be back in Korea tonight after which, he will be in Japan tomorrow for another activity.

It has been a while since we last heard from Jung Min, though he sometimes tweet.  Since he's in Taiwan he was interviewed by Apple Daily and talked about his co-stars 'Fondant Garden' and also a bit of SS501 members.

Here is the article from Apple Daily which was  which was translated by kelemama on her blog and tweeted by @501wangja.  Heaps of thanks guys! 


[News] PJM 35K branded bag revealed, visited Taiwan and disclosed that he learnt vulgar words
News Courtesy Apple Daily TW + (eng trans)



Park Jung Min carried a NT$35000 BALENCIAGA bag and received interview, shyly said : “Let me sort it first, it’s messy.”


Korean group SS501 member Park Jung Min filmed a idol drama “Fondant Garden” in Taiwan before, yesterday while receiving interview he was so excited to show his Chinese, firstly he took the phone charger in his hand and said: “I brought a charger, Park Jung Min who is a adapter.” enunciating properly, and even disclosed that he had learned quite some Taiwanese vulgar words, shyly said: “Just like the word that sounds like ‘ni’.” worried that he say it (vulgar word) by mistake.

Back to Taiwan after a gap of a year more, he visited Taiwan for 3 days through an invitation by Hallyu magazine [TRENDY Idol Mag], he who loves to show off his Chinese, constantly show off his Chinese saying “50dollar, a lot, buy me a treat” etc during the interview, causing loads of laughter. He was in Taiwan for 7 months to film “Fondant Garden”, and got along well with Jian Man Shu and Kingone Wang, revealed that he had already fix a dinner date with Jian Man Shu, what about Kingone Wang? He said regrettably: “Lost contact with him when I lost my phone.” and followed on to say: “Kingone bro, contact me, let’s have a drink.”

Gathered SS501 for reunion meal

3 years ago SS501 announced to go solo but will not disband, since then there’s no sight of all members showing up together, he said: “Actually we met up often, today after returning home we have arranged to gather at my place, Kyu Jong who is in the army will also appear.” He even disclosed that Kim Hyung Jun is the most petty, “This time I’m afraid Kim Kyu Jong will have to pick the tab”. Yesterday he even revealed the NT$35000 Balenciaga bag that he brought along, there’s a Gucci wallet which is a gift from Japan fans, painkillers etc personal items. He will be taking KE694 which departs at 7pm back to Korea today.


LV sunglass

Park Jung Min once lost a pair of LV sunglass, he bought a new pair last Autumn.


Gucci wallet

A Gucci wallet that Park Jung Min brings along with him.



Due to slip disc, Park Jung Min carries painkiller all the time, yesterday he said: “Will only eat when the pain is unbearable.”


Anonymous said...

Oh my, slip disc, isn't there any permanent cure for it? He has to rely on pain killers all the time when he's in pain... oh dear.

ys said...

Jung Min and his accessories...

So glad he's talking about Hyung Jun and joking around like always. HJB stopped following JM on twitter so I thought they might not be getting along.