Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hyun Joong First Teaser for 'Tonight' is Out

The first music video teaser for the upcoming Japanese single of Hyun Joong was out yesterday. From the single 'Tonight' the second track which has the title 'I Can't Erase Only You' shows us a quick glimpse of the MV. Likewise, a short cut of the 3rd track 'Cappuccino' can be seen towards the end of the 55 seconds tearser

From what I read, the storyline of 'I Can't Erase Only You' moves around the story of a young man and woman passing each other. The video was shot in two location. The band had theirs in Jeju while the actor and actress in the MV was shot in Tokyo.

Shoving here the short teaser from the album. Thanks to universalmusicjapan.


Anonymous said...

It's great.
Well done by Hyun Joong (as always.
Hope the sale is good.

Anonymous said...

Tag is wrong. It's Hyun Joong. BTW, he is the best!!!!!