Thursday, May 23, 2013

[Article] Boys Night Out

I am late but in sharing this here but I saw the tweet that my heart burst with so much joy. They are just really adorable, right. Makes me miss them so much.

Geez, do you also feel the same excitement I feel when you saw the tweets?  

Shoving now this article from AllKPop. Thanks to pkdance for the article.


[News] Three members of SS501 recently got together for a night out on the town.

courtesy of pkdance/AllKPop

Kim Kyu Jong tweeted two photos of himself, Kim Hyung Jun, and Park Jung Min getting together to enjoy a nice meal. He wrote, "Daebak!! Hyung Jun bought us food at Jung Min's store!! How... Surprising... How long has it been since Hyung Jun bought us food... ㅠ hehehehe. Next time, we'll call the hyungs too. ♥ Jjunie is the best hehe".

He also added, "Love ya !! Yoohoo~ My lovely kids~~♥".

Kim Hyung Jun shared a photo of his own and tweeted, 
"Right before coming together as 501. Coming soon~! Brace yourself~! Cross~!!"

Hyung Jun's tweet seems to indicate that SS501 does really have plans for a comeback in store! Do you think it's still too early to get our hopes up for seeing the boys together on stage again? SS501's Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun, and Park Jung Min get together for a night out


Anonymous said...

Cause Mal needs his store's PR. That store has recently opened.

Anonymous said...

i doubt its going to be soon..kyu is still in military and next year baby is going too.. :(
but, glad they met each other like this..

Nana Henecia said...

Love to see them together! I really thing they are going to reunite 501 before Baby, Hyun Joong and the others goto to military service ^^ but before that I hope we'll see them together at Hyun JOong's FM next May 8th :D

Anonymous said...

For the FIRST comment ...
Is this what you got from all of this article ?!! Or is this the purpose for you to read it .. just to find something so you can throw your silly words here !!

Anonymous said...

I thought that it is impossible to reunite before all of them finish their military service. But what Hyung Jun means is that they really have some solid plans that will be executed at most within a year, right?:)))) If he is just lying without anything going on to keep his fans around, I will be very disappointed at him, though. I can only admire honest artists.

ys said...

On the topic of the group's status, on Sunday Young Saeng corrected someone about whether SS501 was still together. It was on Global We Got Married and YS was a wedding guest. Another guest was introducing YS to the bride and said that he's from SS501 who disbanded. Young Saeng starts walking over to the other guest to correct him, and Hongki shouted "They didn't disband!" Then that other guest said, "One of the members is in the army," and YS said "that's why," meaning that's why they're doing individual activities. We know that's not it, but it was the simplest way to correct the mistake at the time. The point is, on another popular tv show Young Saeng said SS501 didn't break up. We know this, but many many people don't, so it's good to keep getting it out there. And these pictures of the adorable 87ers also reinforces the fact that 501 is still 501. It's been a good week!

Anonymous said...

anon 4:04am
agreed with you...:)