Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick New on Yong Joon 05.14.09

Bae Yong Joon is in several news portals today. Here are few of the details of the news that Mariko shared with me. [thanks again Marikoo!]

Regarding BYJ's stocks again. It was reported that his stock value now is about 15 million dollars and Key East value about 50 mil dollars in a report ending March 31. KE's stock price increased more than 60% since January, while SM Entertainment recorded 88% increase. This is almost the same news that I posted yesterday with the addition of BYJ as the richest stockholder in the entertainment industry followed by SM CEO Lee Soo Man. Yong Joon's stock value is more than 15,000,000,000 while the SM CEO has more than 12,000,000,000 won. our BYJ is 3,000,000,000 won richer. [liezle : i'm so happy with the way things are going with KE/BYJ. It's still considered to be a young company that was established in 2004 and yet it is now at the same level as SM Ent who's more known to manage idols and been in the industry longer. Though SJS may have left the company, I've been following some of BOF's talents and I'm glad that they've so many project such as endorsement, movies and dramas]

Next news that I saw with Yong Joon on it is about the Democratic Party Congressman Kim met topstar BYJ through Hallyu Expo which was held in Jeju on November, 2006. Kim was the chairperson of the Expo and BYJ participated as the Hallyu Ambassador. BYJ's influence is tremendous because he said the economical value fo the Expo was over 75,000,000,000 Won.

Because of such effect that BYJ is the only entertainer in the related Hallyu Expo Event at the homepage of the Congressman that time of the Hallyu Boom, the pictures of the likes of Lee Jong Hyun, Super Junior, SG Wanabe, etc were also at his homepage related to the Hallyu Expo. [source : ]

And this I was sort of surprised seeing Yong Joon's name in the news related to JYP's idol group 2AM member Lim Seolong. He mentioned in a program that he was influenced by Yong Joong when he was young [probably to become an entertainer] so he auditioned at the age of 5. ^^

There's also news about The Face Shop [where Yong Joon is its current endorser] chosen by consumers as one of the Most Trusted Brands in Korea together with Korean Airlines, Sonata, Anycall, KB People's Banck etc.

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