Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SS501 Bye Bye HB Perf [added photos]

I think i didn't post much 'Bye Bye' performance of SS501 @ the Hollywood Bowl. To make up for it here are videos of their 'Bye Bye' perf. I like it very much... they're so much fun to watch and keep on teasing the fans with their sexy moves.

check 3:05 of this vid ^^

credit : iHEARTaMISTERkim

credit : TheJinkee

credit : trieuhoney

Found these photos on SS601 and i'm pretty sure that these are from their 'Because I'm Stupid' & 'Bye Bye' performances. Check out the choreo and blocking. ^^

original credit on the label [thanks much!]

Hyun Joong in 'Bye Bye'
^_^ cleavage

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mailene said...

liezle, thanks for these photos sis! geez, havent seen those. its so clear. i was looking for it at soshified forum but all i see are the girls pix.:D and i got tired looking coz there are lots of fans stories.