Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hollywood Bowl 05.09.09 @ 6:30pm [added photo of hyunjoong sighting]

I'm so excited and can't wait to see the performances and photos of SS501 [especially them] and SNSD.

Here are bits of info of some artists in LA. SS501 is back from Las Vegas. I think they went straight to Vegas for some photoshoot. SHINee & SS501 are staying Wilshire Grand Hotel. Hyun Joong was seen at Wako [tonkatsu place] during dinner last night.

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LOCATION: Hollywood, CA
DATE: Saturday, May 9, 2009
TIME: 6:30PM
VENUE: Hollywood Bowl, 2301 North Highland Ave.,
Hollywood, CA 90078

MC: Son Ho Young

Girls' Generation (SNSD) : Lee Juk : Lena Park : Kim Changwan Band
Son Ho Young : SHINee : Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Kim Heung Gook : Tae Jina : Tenor Um Jung Haeng
Kim Tae Woo : Baek Ji Young : Min Hae Kyung
SS501 (all five members)

you may check HERE to know what time this exciting concert will start in your country.

thanks to khype / soompi for the info

thanks to telethrow / soompi

hyun joong @ wilshire

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Maria said...

I never knew anything about HB Event before. Next year (2009) for sure I will go and support Korean Music Festival though I don't know Korean language at all.

From Liezle's blog, I learn more about those talented artists of Korean Entertainment Field. They are always hardworking and do as best as they can.

Also great applause to everybody's efforts and high efficiency of posting news, pitctures and clips
for sharing.

Many thanks to you all!