Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kyu Jong Pix Spazzzz from U R Man Spl DVD

Frankly I haven't ordered my U R Man Special DVD yet because I thought I'll be going to Seoul to watch the PERSONA Concert. But unfortunately luck in not on my side. Seoul will have to wait for me until October. ^^

Anyway, after watching some of the videos recently uploaded and seeing these photos of cute Kyu Jong from kyujongfan.com I'm going to order pretty soon.

I like Kyu Jong is these photos and from the videso of from U R Man. But like what I said he is far better looking in person 501%. ^^

The boys seems to be teasing him
because of his bare chest. ^^

What's Kyu Jong doing?

rarely seen...

in this shirt...

even when practicing.

You may enlarge the following thumbnails by clicking on the photos.

[09.07.17] SS501 - Song Calling For You Performance - DVD Ur Man Special

lifted from marvie0701 YT channel

p.s. there's nothing much on SS501 today though i'll still try to find some goodies to share. ^^


J_Girl said...

Oh man, at first I thought that first pic of Kyu in the hat was leader! Their side profile looks really similar. Wow Kyu is SMOKIN HOT in these pics! Especially the ones with the wife beater! *drools* lol

Anonymous said...

oohlala.... is that you, Kyu? didn't realize you have a muscular physique (^.^) ... thanks for the pictures... i also enjoyed the video... i feel like dancing with the fans .... the energy and enthusiasm of SS501 is captivating the crowd! FIGHTING!-(A)

Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle

I would to share a caption of Kim Kyu Jong from youtube. I hope you girls will like it. I am also a supporter of SS501 - love your blog and I must admit you are really good - so much efforts put in keep up the good job. Without your blog, life will be boring for me especially living in the southern hemisphere.


or try this camzky08 - this person post the caption - kim jyu jong

PS: I am really no good in this stuff. Sorry

quizzy said...

oh.. now im so much confuse whom i like best!!! hahaha... now i like them ALL!!!

thanks liezle..

liezle said...

hello J_Girl! Kyu keeps on surprising us, right?

liezle said...

hello Anonymous and thanks for dropping by. hope you've seen the video i posted above.


liezle said...

hello Anonymous #2^^ sorry for the late reply. been busy with work and i only have time to answer comments.

thanks for the nice words and for sharing your video.


liezle said...

hey there quizzy. you like them all now. ^_^ so who's going to be #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5. ^^


kkot-boda-namja said...

love kyu jong
nice blog