Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kim Joon's MV with Kim Hyun Joong as guest is out!

Much much thanks to quizzy for the tip! *hugs and kisses for you dear*

Honestly, i've been busy looking for photos of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng that i forgot to visit hoonfami. ^^

Anyway, here's the video that we've been all waiting for since the teaser came out about 2 weeks ago.

[13.07.09][M/V] [Engsub] Jun Be Ok! (준비OK) - Kim Jun(T-Max) Feat.Hyun Joong (SS501)
lifted from Hurmutube

download MP3 HERE.

p.s. I like the beat. I hope that it'll get to the chart.

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wen0607 said...

Oh thanks liezle.....I have been waiting for this MV~

Sure will do the necessary crediting....^^