Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jung Min & his hand puppet

This was taken in Hong Kong inside the service van of SS501. Jung Min just look so handsome here. I really love his hair during the HK fanmeet.

That hand puppet that Jung Min is holding was a gift from a fan. I think it was given at the HK airport.

Bee, are you here? Do you remember something?

Anyway, thanks to Charisma! for sharing these photos. I lifted them from SS601.com.


mel_1223 said...

Ah..JM looked so cute holding the Mal puppet! I actually had thought of getting him something similar like that! Now I hv to be more creative ...sigh....

Anyway, cant get tired of seeing all his HK pics! they must really change hairdresser..when they got back to Korea, his hair is styled more curlier there..the HK ones made him look so much hotter!

liezle said...

hey mel, do you like JM's hair last Monday? Super messy, right? I don't like it but i don't hate it either. But I like his hair in Taiwan and HK. He really did captured my heart then. ^^


mel_1223 said...

Hi Liezle,

Haha, I got a shocked the first time I saw his hair fr the KAC event ..my mouth was opened damn wide LOL..and tot..wat the heck...

I dun particularly hate it cos he can carry that look as what you said, but I dun really fancy it that much too..but it did looked smexy messy on him, with the hairband some more haha..

BUT, I still love his HK n TW hairstyle the most! U r soo lucky to be able to get so close to him when he is being seen as one of the hottest hairstyle styled on him ^^^ i m still so jealous hehe