Monday, November 30, 2009

catch young saeng's different expressions...

... whenever in the verse 'true love'

thanks to 심장 for posting these GIFs on with credit on each GIF.

I bet, Young Saeng's fans will go crazy seeing the following GIFs.

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Alright, and let me repost this compilation of Young Saeng's LLT solo part. ^_^ from Shirley's shirbogurl2 YT channel.

video credit goes to rmdkdl


Anonymous said...

Young Saeng is so cute when he makes his eyes big.

spring said...

not only YS big fans will be crazy, me also really love YS this expression... sometime i just follow him and do like that with him when reached his solo part...hehe.... really so cute YS.... love it... thanks for GIFs

Anonymous said...

ehh? liezle - how'd you know am going cuckoo now? i especially like this part of the song with his eyes and lips making those sexy expressions - haaayyyy (and the part where Maknae sings while they like clap their hands...)

Liezle i thanKYU for the gifs and the vid (to shriley)