Monday, November 30, 2009

this will surely be heartbreaking

Here's another article courtesy of Shirley. It's the almost the same article as the one below but with a little details about visiting Kyu Jong's father's relative.

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong The Most Heartbreaking Event to His Father
Korean to English translation by Shirley/shirbogurl

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong revealed what was the most painful thing involving his father for the first time.

In the Dec. 1st SBS variety show "Strong Heart", Kim Kyu Jong talked about the most heartbreaking thing to his father for the first time causing other guests on the show to cry.

That day, Kyu Jong introduced his father as "My Father is the coach of the National Archery Team". This got the attention of guests on the show.

Then Kyu Jong explained, "When my father quit from archery, I went with my father to my father's relatives to pay our visits and received unexpected ordeals. Watching my father deal with the ordeal, I cried alone on the side. This breaks a son's heart." This story received the tears of other guests.

Other guests on the show includes SS501 Heo Young Saeng, Andy, Alex, Hwangbo, and others.


Ahh, Shirley I know you were so worried earlier when I informed you of the story that I read and asking you to translate since I read something that Kyu Jong mentioning his father [your father-in-law...alright no throwing of anything, k?] v^_^v. Anyway, thanks for doing the translation.


Anonymous said...

ThanKYU Shirley for the translation.
Liezle thanKYU too for sharing.

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hey shirbo am impressed... now your learning hangul! same here... (but am kinda slow paced >.<)