Monday, November 30, 2009

[HD] SS501 in MBC Charity Show 11.30.09

The title of the charity show is "In the Child's New Livelihood" held today and shown over at MBC.

Heaps of thanks to Shirley for providing the video on her shirbogurl2 YT. It's not HD yet but it will surely be up later.

Here's our princes in white and black.

Btw, Young Saeng's smile in 2:14 is cute after he missed missing a tone at the beginning of his solo. ^_^


Sudal said...

YoungSaeng never puts 100% effort on stage. He made mistakes and his fans considered them as kool and cute. However, I, sometimes, want him to be 100% concentrate on stage as Kyu Jong or Baby. Am I asking too much? Finally, his bright smile saved it all.

Anonymous said...

well I guess you are right somehow, fans are usually forgiving. But there's always room for improvement. So let's see if YS will improve on when the next album comes out.
But I have to say I think Jung min and Kyu had improved tremendously in terms of vocals. Baby, I always think highly of him vocally, and how he is very serious when it comes to performing on stage.

SS501 aza fighting!

finkle said...

Hmm I don't think YS is not giving his 100% when it comes to performing. I think all 5 are very serious once they are on stage. It is just that everyone has their good and bad days. And I like that YS doesn't become flustered after he makes a mistake which would just make it worse and more obvious :)

Sudal said...

Oh finkle, I agree with you, as I said , after all he saved it by his smile-one of his famous Trademark ^_^
I, personally thought, this album , exactly this song, does not suit him. Anyway he tried his best.
SS501 Hwaiting!
Young Saeng shii Hwaiting!

Luchi said...

I think that all five of them have their qualities, and they always give their best shot!:) Sometimes they make mistakes, you can hear Hyun Joong too makes a mistake once!:) But the thing is, they're so unbelievably handsome and cute, that it doesn't really matter to us, because we know what they can do, judging from previous experiences!;D And we know that everyone has a bad day sometimes, it can't be helped!!:D

Oppas, fighting!! <33

Tuliplilac Shirley said...

hmm...i felt that i love how the boys delivered LLT on stage.. all put in gd efforts..bringing LOVE o us all..if i have to choose, i would say Maknae shd let loose a bit.. smile boy..he is too serious on stage..
btw, Saengie smile so sweet in tis clip ~

Anonymous said...

i don't see any lapses during the performance... did you guys? i thought each one of them are perfect!

i thank you liezle for the vid... and seriously i cant distinguish the "missing tone".... so biased, eh?! ^-^ al i can see is his bedimpled sexy smile