Sunday, June 21, 2009

GIFs from APMC

Ha ha... we've seen the photo... then the videos... what comes next are the GIFs to see more closely how sexy each members of SS501 on stage together with the top models from Asia Pacific.

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SS501 looking like a professional models
strutting down the stage. They look so
HOT and SEXY in their colored khaki suit.

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There's no word to describe Hyun Joong
here except for major hotness.
The messy hair is so appealing.

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Hyung Joon look so confident
with the models. Notice the cute
little smile when he lifted his head?

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Like Young Saeng's hair here.
That little skin peeking makes
me want to rip off his shirt.

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Kyu Jong, looking so cute
doing that cute pose.

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Jung Min, looking so confident
like Baby. I love how he
projected that pose.

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