Friday, June 19, 2009

SS501 @ the “Asia Pacific Super Modeling Competition”

I forgot all about this!

Blame it to the endless teasing this week. ^^

It was reported in the news last June 15 that SS501 will be performing at the “Asia Pacific Super Modeling Competition” on June 19. That's TODAY!

And not only SS501 performed but Super Junior and SNSD as well.

Here's a bit of info about APSM competition. This competition was participated by models from Korea, Japan, China, Thailand and even USA. This event lasted for 3 and a half hours and was held in Gyeongbuk Stadium. SBS will broadcast it on the 20th of June at 12.20am.

Here are photos of SS501 with the models and Kim Hyun Joong! He's so handsome!

^click to enlarge.
he's so handsome here ^^


wen0607 said...

Wow..... thanks liezle for your lovely photos~ >.<

I really miss to see HJ and he looks healthier now....
Glad that he has enough rest at home~~

I wish someone can upload the show on youtube with english subbed!

Can't wait to see them~ oh! >.<

J_Girl said...

Aww his cheeks are looking a bit puffier..slowly going back to his WGM days =)..but he seems a bit stiff with the group of models unlike HJB who's totally working it lol

Thanks for sharing!

liezle said...

wen, i hope you've seen all the videos that i've just posted. leader really does look radiant after the much needed rest. likewise, the rest of SS501 are all looking great.


liezle said...

J_Girl, thanks for dropping by again.

Hyun Joong always seems to be shy when with other ladies compared to Baby and Mal.

Hope he'll keep getting healthier and no more sickness.