Tuesday, June 30, 2009

it's like chaos out there

I know I'm already late in posting these. ^^ Hee, sorry I forgot to post these earlier.

Anyway, when I was posting last night bb's update from the airport i honestly thought that there weren't much people waiting for SS501 at the airport. That is why I kept on asking last night how's the situation outside since bb and the girls were still inside [they're so wise not to go out yet upon arriving HK] until I saw photos early this morning and saw videos.

I'm certain that the security in HK underestimated SS501's popularity. Look at the people waiting for the boys. It's pandemonium there!

This kind of reception only means one thing...SS501 is at its peak! First Taiwan [though fans were not solid SS501 since there were also some fans of SuJu] and then Hong Kong. Actually, i think that HK is some kind of confirmation that they're really really popular now in Asia. I believe that most, if not all, who were there to welcome them are SS501 fans, right?

Anyway, check these videos shared by marvie0701 on her YT channel. The boys seem so amazed and kinda scared of all the people in front of them. They're trapped and almost got mobbed!


quizzy said...

wow.. look at all the people...!
clearly, they undersestimated SS501 impact! lolz

but hope the boys didnt get hurt at this and alosthe fans!

angelxuan said...

omg, i can hear the guards shouting many many times "Move back~~ Move Back" in eng and cantonese, but apparently, nobodie cares!! haha!!

check out hyun joong's usual 4D expression in the 2nd video, he's totally indifference to the crowd when they were busy snapping pics! Nice!!

Anonymous said...

wow, this only means they are really popular! Great for them. only JM was able to escape the crowd?...He is not with them.

wen0607 said...

Hi liezle

Agreed with you! ^^
Dun estimate the fans from HK
I could say they are even more crazier than taiwanese fans....

But we are happy that SS501 is so popular now in asia countries
I think its even harder to get close to them esp. Hyun Joong ssi~ oh my my!!! T.T

Pray hard for them to come to Singapore & Malaysia! ^^

Anonymous said...

it's not funny anymore. how they get mobbed and everything. IT'S WORRISOME. i hope fans stay disciplined. i mean, sure it's exciting to see them up close but to grab at them? hmm..

didn't john lennon get killed by a fan? :p