Sunday, June 28, 2009

SS501 in US [Full]

Much much thanks to shirbo for posting the whole episode on her YT channel in 6 parts! Waah, she stayed up all night downloading and converting this show to be able to share with us. Hope you'll not forget to give shirbo/shirley thanks here or on her YT channel for the hardwork.

Here's the video in six parts with shirbo's description of each video.

Part 1: On the Plane, Las Vegas & Jung Min Interview (recorded in SF on 5/11)

SS501 flew to LA from Japan then went to Las Vegas. Shopping and daytime photo shoot in Vegas.

Part 2: Nighttime Photo Shoot in Las Vegas, Kyu Jong Interview, Return to LA, & Korean Music Festival Rehearsal

KJ to act like he has a broken heart for the photo shoot. JM & KJB playing around pretending that a man and a woman woke up in bed not knowing who each are. HJB's most confident body part is his lips. He really likes Justin Timberlake and wants to bring "Sexy Back"!! :) Nighttime photo shoot around Vegas in the limo.

Part 3: Korean Music Festival Rehearsal & Performance, Kim Hyun Joong Interview (recorded in SF on 5/11), Redondo Beach

Korean Music Festival: Rehearsal, Backstage & Performance. Next day, they went to Redondo Beach to eat Lobster and seafood.

Part 4: Redondo and Santa Monica Beach, & Kim Hyung Jun Interview (recorded in SF on 5/11)

Redondo Beach:
KJ mentioned that the day of the filming was mother's day, that's why there were lots of families at the beach. JM imitates the sea gull and Park Jung Min's Heathy World! Baby trying to disturb Leader's solo shots. YS talks about his love for photography. Ice Cream for JM & KJ! Baby wants to get marry soon and said don't be shock if that happens!

Santa Monica Beach:
KJ is YS's private photographer. YS wanted a different lighting for the pic with his back and the sun.

Part 5: Hyung Jun's Interview, San Francisco, & Young Saeng's Interview (Recorded in LV on 6/7)

SS501 flew from LA to SF. I remember them leaving around 9 am. Hyun Joong was in the same cloth as I saw him in the night before!!

Baby saying that they are in SF for more photo shoots. It was a 40 mins flight. They woke up early and flew to SF.

Part 6: Young Saeng's Interview & San Francisco- Ending


TripleS - Malaysia said...


Wow really thanks to you and shirbo... for all this.. Now i will slowly watch all.. They sure have a nice nad happy trip..

Thanks Again


Btw, You and ur friends have a pleasant trip to HK too...:)

mel_1223 said...

Thanks Liezle for posting this!

Ah...hope there will be subs to it, but this will also do for now! thanks again!

wen0607 said...

Thanks liezle and shirbogurl for the full version ^^
I will watch it for sure~~ >.<

Wow.... but if its with english subbed, it will be even perfect ^^

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