Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More HK Photos

The boys were given flowers. ^^ That's so sweet of the fans.

Heaps of thanks again to babysept for posting on SS501 thread @ soompi. Original credit on the pictures and lm86.net + Baidu + WorldStar501.

Looks like the situation is almost the same from what happened in Taiwan. But this one in HK I'm certain that 99% of the people who welcome them are SS501 fans. ^^


mel_1223 said...


I am being dazzled every minute now looking at all the HK updates!

JM looks like he is gona get squeezed left right center! soo cute! The bodyguard looks so tough, hope he wont push me away when the day arrive for me to chase after them at the airport too lol!

and all the members got flowers n gifts too..when are they gona come take my gift too...^^^

Love the pics!

J_Girl said...

Mal is so adorable in those pics..he's getting squished big time but yet still manages to hold that Kool-aid smile! He's always so nice and smiley towards fans.