Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jung Min composed for new girl group 'Rainbow'

I'm sure those who are really into K pop have already heard about this. DSP's new girl group Rainbow was launched this week [despite SS501's comeback]. The carrier single from their self title album is 'Gossip' has a nice catchy beat. Several of their songs such as 'Not Your Girl', 'Kiss', '참아볼께요', 'I Believe' can now be heard on YouTube. [just click on the title and you'll be diverted to the channel where you can listen to the song].

I'm not sure though if you know about this, but Park Jung Min in their guesting at Maknae's Music High about a week ago mentioned Rainbow. He said that he composed a song for the new girl group of DSP. And do you know which of the five songs I mentioned above he composed? Well, it's 'Kiss'. Check it out, it's a cute song with a nice catchy beat.

This is the new seven member girl group of DSP Rainbow.

Thanks to all YT uploaders.

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