Saturday, October 30, 2010

10.30.10 S/Tweet Treats (=^_^=)

UPDATE : [10:15PM] The photo that Kyu Jong tweeted to woongcha1 is so beautiful! I love it! check it out below.

I also added new tweets translation of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng. Thanks again to xiaochu!

Guys. do check Lois' blog where she just posted photo of Kyu Jong [backview though] from Busan. You may click HERE.

[8:44PM] With added tweets from Young Saeng!

Whoa! Kyu Jong is quite active today in Twitter and he was able to get Young Saeng come to tweet. But Young Saeng only tweeted twice [he just tweeted as of this writing!]. Hope he comes back and tweet tonight again.

Anyway, when Kyu Jong tweeted the photo of the dog I said on twitter that he seems to be in a beach. And guess what someone tweeted that Kyu Jong was see in Busan today. Hee, when YS asked him in his tweet where he is Kyu Jong didn't answer. Hee, probably doesn't want fans to stalk him. But it's out that he's in Busan. ^^

Here's translation of today's tweet. Thanks to xiaochu for doing translating them and sharing on Quainte501.


[Trans] 10.30.10 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501

Re-post with full credits please.

2010.10.30 @ 10:44am
HyungJun87 Good morning everyone~ Is is raining in Japan now??

2010.10.30 @ around 1.23pm 2kjdream RT @mjjeje*: Lunch~Im
xiaochu : but I dont see this RT in his timeline now
liezle : kyu jong deleted his RT. not sure of the reason. but some were shocked when they saw him RT jae joong's tweet. ^^

2010.10.30 @ 3.30pm
2kjdream Saw this fellow on my way WOW hee

2010.10.30 @ 4.24pm
2kjdream Saw otters, YoungSaeng hyung's friends!!!! Ooing???heeheeheeheehee

2010.10.30 @ 5.00pm
woosangil @2kjdream Daebak kekeke «¦«±ªë kekeke Typhoon is here so the wind is blowing, it's raining, and it's cold T T I have a Halloween party, but hate to be going out

2010.10.30 @ 5.05pm
2kjdream @woosangil Wow Partyyy ! Hyung, typhoon is here?! Please be careful~ Have a good weekend!!!^^

2010.10.30 @ 5.33pm
woosangil @2kjdream Have a good weekend yourself too... It's cold, be careful of catching the flu!!!

2010.10.30 @ 6.53pm
Steven_Lee_ MBC The Great Birth audition, I will be the judge for western USA (LA). I'm excited at the thoughts of being able to meet with talented people and singer-to-be heehee Even though I don't know if I am qualified to be a judge ^^;;

2010.10.30 @ 6.44pm
Steven_Lee_ @2kjdream Otter kekekekekekekeke

2010.10.30 @ 7.55pm
2kjdream @Steven_Lee_ I am with TaeWan hyung and KangMin. Hyung~ all of us are delighted to congratulate you for becoming the panel of judge heehee TaeWan hyung said "Steven congrats~~~" hee while KangMin said "Hyung, congratulations"^^

2010.10.30 @ 7.57pm
2kjdream @Steven_Lee_ Otter is cute isnt it heehee Also saw this kind of unique living thing!!!

2010.10.30 @ 8.03pm
mystyle1103 @Steven_Lee_ Wow~~ke I must definitely watch TV~

2010.10.30 @ 8.04pm
mystyle1103 @2kjdream Where did you go?

2010.10.30 @ 8.40pm
2kjdream @mystyle1103 Hyung in my heart baebaeng~~~ Otter is cute isn't it heehee

2010.10.30 @ 8.54pm
zakkykim Two of you!! Are you doing well ? Let's meet soon!! @2kjdream @mystyle1103

2010.10.30 @ 8.55pm
woosangil@mystyle1103 It's been a long time!!

2010.10.30 @ 9.19pm
mystyle1103 @woosangil keke It has been a long time~~ Cos I haven't been using twitter recently TT TT the business you're doing must turn out to be a success!! ke And must treat me to something~

2010.10.30 @ 9.20pm
mystyle1103 @zakkykim Becuase I've been doing so well, that's the problem ke When will you be able to meet me~~

2010.10.30 @ 9.21pm
mystyle1103 @2kjdream In my heart? keke Otter is cute of course~ natural monument~ ke

2010.10.30 @ 9.28pm
zakkykim @mystyle1103 Up to you heehee I anytime OK

2010.10.30 @ 9.54pm
woosangil @mystyle1103 It is already a success~~heehee There are times I can't sell cos of no stock TT TT

2010.10.30 @ 10.17pm
2kjdream @woongcha1 Me, TaeWan hyung, KangMin. Eehehe

2010.10.30 @ 10.18pm
2kjdream @mystyle1103 Keukeukeu natural monument!!!! Great guy Eehehe

2010.10.30 @ 10.53pm
@woongcha1 It's here. hee


Anonymous said...

OMO~ cuteness over load!!! KJ and YS are really like brothers! so sweet of KJ saying that otter is cute! YS and his jokes! they are so childish in a good way too witty~ ^^
i actually can't believe that all the members of SS501 are 24 and above~
at first when i saw their old pics and 2010's pics they are not really looking older just more mature it's like they are stuck in their 19 or 20 yrs old body..
or am i just a bad observer~ ^^

Anonymous said...

hehehe the otter joke between them just so sweet

Chara said...


kekeke... ^^ Bad observer? No not really.^^ Though I think even their body-form changed. Well, I'm YS bias, so I can best tell about him.^^ Sorry girls.

Just look at his chest, at his shoulders and at his butt... well... and if you look even closer, at the front side of his body... definitely a big change. All seems to become more wider. chest, shoulders, etc. Better space to cuddle? Hahaha, sorry guys. Liezle, you have to delete this post I think... Soju is not doing any good to me today... @_@

I'm not so much of a sexist, really~~~~ I just watched my Idol closely.^^

Anonymous said...

Mystery of the RT!!XD Where did it disappear?lol
Anyway haha YS made me laugh out loud! Hope he's doing well too! Must be busy lately coz we seldom hear from him!
Kyu jong seemed to have a nice time!^^ That's what I like about SS501, always like little boys even though they changed physically! I love them like this don't want them to be boring ajussi!haha

Anonymous said...


i definitely agree with you! Compare to the past, ys oppa's chest and shoulder really changed a lot! So much broader and sexier.. Esp when he wear those tight fitting shirt, can really see the difference!