Thursday, October 28, 2010

[Trans] Baek Seung Jo's Diary #16

Part 16 of Baek Seung Jo's diary as translated by reena29shadow and graphic by hl2412 is here to give you another joy. A round of applause to these to hardworking ladies for giving us the diary translations.

Baek Seung Jo's diary entries, as well as the others diary entries, added more flavor to watching Mischievous Kiss, yah? I'm really happy that the writer was able to think about this great idea. It helped us a lot in understanding Baek Seung Jo, as well as it made us much giddier when recalling scenes after watching the drama.

Would we still see diary entries when the YT version comes out? I hope!

Btw, it was earlier reported the the YT version will start on Nov 2, but I also heard that it might get delay a little. Anyway, I'm certain that whatever is the case we will hear/read something about this.

Alright, enough of writing, here, go and read Seung Jo's diary. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

so cheesy but i am loving it^^ just amuses me if only the drama played longer, can BSJ/KHJL portray a cheesy character?

honestly, i'll give him a 50/50... Leader was able to kiss JSM a LOT of times, hence, he is comfortable with her... knowing leader, he will NOT do a thing unless he approves or likes a thing/person... so he might be able to pull a couple of cheesy lines/episodes...or not ^^

thank you soooo much reena, hl2412 and liezle for these enjoyable, enlighting entries of the genius BSJ!(A)

(am off to watching PK again^^)

J.J. said...

...wait did BSJ just hint that he was going to "third base" with this line
"my celebration, oh hani. no beautiful lightings, no christmas carols, but it's this day that we get a very precious present called "life"."

Um... LOL

tetsu girl said...

what a sweet last episode and just the right kind of cheesy romantic ending. ^____^
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to reena29shadow and hl2412 for sharing all 16 parts of this diary! i really loved reading every single entry. they made me enjoy PK at least 3x as much because it added a lot of emotional depth to the story, greatly enhanced BSJ's character, and filled in what the drama lacked. thank you for all your hard work and time and effort, girls! it's greatly appreciated! :D

N and H said...

thanks reena29shadow for sharing all 16 parts of BSJ's diary .appreciates it so much . :)

HI said...

am i the only one who sees this diary blurred?