Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[Pix] Seung Jo & Min Ah [Added More Cast Pictures]

Marvie, thanks for shoving these photos here. These photos are still from the wrap-up party of Mischievous Kiss that happened last October 22.

This actress who played Min Ah [I feel so bad not knowing any of the other casts names aside from their character name in the drama] is pretty. Here face is so small and whenever I see her on screen she reminds me of Lee Na Young.

with Hyun Joong's Cody Noona's

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tetsu girl said...

yeah, i can't remember the other actors' names either, even though i really liked them in PK. but i just saw an AKP article about MinAh's actress. her name is Yoon Seung Ah. can you believe she's 27?! she looks like she's barely 20!

anyway, thanks for sharing the pix. it's cute that the cast got close to HJL's cordi noonas, too. ^^ and i never get tired of seeing HJL in that dashing outfit. :D

Anonymous said...

leader is nice to accommodate getting souvenir shots with PK casts and its entourage...