Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Pix & Vids from Today's Soccer Charity Match 02.28.11

am sure you all know whose soccer charity match was it. Yeah, yeah, it's the MEN Celebrity Soccer Team formed by Junsu of JYJ with Hyun Joong, Micky and other popular celebrities. The charity game was played at Sahmyook University in Seoul. Kick-off time was at 4pm.

Here are some of the photos and vids I'm able to only get now. Thanks to iamsom, miy0, kim_i96, alice6464 and 36_Univ for all the photos below.

signed soccer ball by hyun joong
courtesy of alice6464

Signed ball by Zuno
courtesy of alice6464

courtesy of 36_Univ

For the photos below thanks to boysmom72.

Thanks to for the upload in YT.

courtesy of ...

The game ended MEN winning. The score is 4:3. Hyun Joong and Junsu had one goal each. ^^


Anonymous said...

OMG, Hyun Joong, why are you so talent.
You can enjoy yourself with footbal games.

Anonymous said...

Thanks liezle! Love the fact that KHJL seems to find time to enjoy stuffs that he loves nowadays. Go KHJ, you gorgeous 4-D alien! Be happy and keep yourself healthy, please!

Anonymous said...

Yes...he seems so happy when he's on the soccer field.

Hyun Joong - take care of your health. Can't wait for your solo album and SS501 comeback!!

Anonymous said...

i think...their jersey's similarity with chelsea's ...don't u think so?..well..whatever it is..hyun joong's looks the best...

Anonymous said...

charity? so the people who watched paid? and the amount collected donated - is that it?

Mr. Kim, the Hallyu star with his close buddies -

Anonymous said...

thank you to all who share their pix to us! thanks for the generosity!^-^